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UPDATED:  Tuesday, January 12, 2010 4:06 PM (My original post follows my updates)


Here’s the latest info and video on this horrific story.  I still cry every time I read the updates of this story and what those vicious little animals did to this poor kid.  My thoughts and prayers are always with Michael Brewer.  As far as those hateful little thugs, I hope they all reap what they sow times 100.  Too bad their punishment couldn’t be the same as what they did to Michael Brewer.  If punishments were to be duplicated onto the criminals (i.e., someone would be murdered for murdering someone) as in "an eye for an eye", crime would drop dramatically…




Burned boy: ‘Somebody poured something on me and lit me on fire’



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UPDATED:  Wednesday, November 11, 2009 11:05 PM


More on this horrible crime.  My prayers are with Michael Brewer and his family…




Dive in pool saved burned teen’s life, paramedic says



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UPDATED:  Wednesday, November 4, 2009 12:22 PM


I’m including pictures and a video relating to this horrific story…




Jeremy Jarvis, 13, Denver Colorado Jarvis, 15, Matthew Bent, 15


Jesus Mendez

Steven Shelton




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I can’t believe what kids are capable of today.  Five teenage friends, including a 13-year-old, doused 15-year-old Michael Brewer with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire.  Thankfully, someone had the decency to call 9-1-1…
Michael Brewer, the 15-year-old teen who was set on fire by five other boys, screamed in agony as a breathless 911 caller pleaded for help because "a little boy just caught on fire," according to a recording released Friday.  In the most dramatic of four emergency calls released by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the relentless, guttural cries of the burning teen often drowned out the woman who is dialing dispatchers.  This audio made me cry, and I thank God that woman was there to help him.  I hope those five scumbags are haunted by this for the rest of their useless lives.  May they never know happiness, and for intentionally burning Michael and putting him through all this pain and suffering, may they all burn in hell…  

WFOR-TV: 911 Call (Warning:  Disturbing Content) .wav

The attack occurred after Brewer reported to police that one of the youths had stolen his father’s bicycle.  Police are saying that the bike was stolen because Brewer didn’t pay one of them $40 for a video game.  He was set on fire over a $40 video game payment???  According to witnesses, the teens called Brewer a "snitch" as they used a lighter to set him on fire.  Brewer remains in critical condition in the Burn Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL.  If these kids were properly disciplined by their parents and shown love and respect for themselves and for others, I don’t think this type of violence would be as rampant as it is today.  My thoughts are with Michael Brewer, and I pray that God helps him heal emotionally as well as physically.

The dirtbags?
Denver Jarvis, 15 (Accused of pouring the alcohol on Brewer)
Jeremy Jarvis, 13 (Denver’s younger brother)
Matthew Bent, 15 (Accused of orchestrating the attack)
Jesus Mendez, 16 (Accused of lighting the fire)
Steven Shelton, 16
Authorities say Bent and Jarvis laughed when they were questioned about the attack.  There is something seriously wrong with this behavior, and it’s becoming commonplace as more and more teenagers are committing despicable acts of violence, with no consequences.  These kids need to suffer for their actions.  It’s the only way these dirtbags will learn.  I don’t want to hear "They’re only kids".  Well, boo-hoo!  Try telling that to the victims’ families!  They’re old enough to know right from wrong, and until they are held accountable for their actions at the highest level, violent attacks like this will continue, and will often escalate.  When you "spare the rod", you create a monster…
Here’s the story (I posted a video of Michael Brewer’s mother which follows this story).  Michael’s mother is correct where she says, "This has got to stop!"

Deerfield burn suspects to be released unless charged as adults

By Rafael A. Olmeda, Juan Ortega and Alexia Campbell
Sun Sentinel 
Michael Brewer, in photo, was set on fire at the Limetree Village Apartments in Deerfield Beach. On the left is his sister, Malissa Durkee.

FORT LAUDERDALE – The teenagers accused of surrounding Michael Brewer and setting him on fire will have to be released from custody after Nov. 12 unless prosecutors charge them as adults, officials said Monday.

Judges on Monday granted a nine-day extension for the Broward State Attorney’s Office to file formal criminal charges against five of Brewer’s schoolmates, who were arrested within a day of the attack at a Deerfield Beach apartment complex.

Prosecutors are still hoping for a firsthand account from the 15-year-old victim, who remains in critical condition in the Burn Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Because of tubes, Brewer is unable to speak, doctors and family members said. Family members were relieved late last week when Brewer was able to open his eyes for the first time, but Sunday night was one of his more difficult since the Oct. 12 attack.

Dr. Nicholas Namias, medical director of the Burn Center, said he would be "pleasantly surprised," but it’s unrealistic to expect Brewer’s condition to improve within the next nine days to the extent he’ll be able to provide prosecutors with useful information.

"For the kind of discussion they need to have, he can’t do that," Namias said. "We’re still at ‘squeeze my hand,’ just to know that he’s" conscious and aware of what’s going on around him."

Brewer remains on a ventilator and is heavily sedated. "We’re still in a place where terrible things can happen at any time," Namias said. On a more optimistic note, he said Brewer is responding well to his treatment. "Nothing right now is insurmountable."

The court’s nine-day extension gives prosecutors until Nov. 12 to decide what charges each defendant will face, and whether they will stand trial as adults or juveniles.

If charged as juveniles, all five will be released in compliance with state law, said Assistant State Attorney Maria Schneider. If charged as adults, they would be subject to a bond hearing.

Under the law, the youngest of the defendants cannot face charges as an adult because he’s under age 14 and, as things stand, not going to be charged with a capital crime. Jeremy Jarvis is 13, and the maximum charge he or any defendant would face is attempted murder.

That would change only if Brewer dies.

"Jeremy will reside with family out of the area and will be home schooled for his safety," said his lawyer, Stephen Melnick. A guardian ad litem has been appointed for Jarvis, whose 15-year-old brother, Denver, is also accused in the attack. A court-appointed psychologist will perform a risk assessment to determine whether Jeremy Jarvis poses any danger to the community. Jarvis is due back in court Nov. 10, Melnick said.

Judge Robert H. Newman scheduled the next hearing at 8:30 a.m. Nov. 12 for Denver Jarvis, and co-defendants Matthew Bent, 15, and Steven Shelton, 16. Bent is accused of orchestrating the attack, and Jarvis is accused of pouring rubbing alcohol on Brewer.

Judge Merrilee Ehrlich scheduled the next hearing on the same date for Jesus Mendez, 16. Mendez is accused of lighting the fire. Both his parents showed up at Monday’s hearing, and other relatives sat in the audience sobbing. The families of the other defendants similarly appeared in court, but declined to comment.

Brewer’s great-aunt, Patti Gendron, said the family would not comment on the legal proceedings.




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