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While Obama loses the clout he once enjoyed, voters are starting to see all too clearly what a Democratic majority is doing to this beautiful country. 
"Tonight voters sent a warning shot to Democrats and the White House: they are tired of the spending, tired of the waste and tired of the over-reach they see coming out of Washington," said Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the U.S. House.
Cantor is 100% correct.  These votes against Democrats is a direct slap in the face to Obama in retaliation to his big government takeover and his tax-increasing, power-hungry Democrats.   Obama went out on behalf of Corzine at three different events, but evidentally "three" wasn’t the charm for Corzine.  Obama is still blaming Bush for the shape this country’s in when he pointed out that the recession "didn’t start under his watch", even though the deficit escalated to new heights on his watch. Obama talked about the "selective memory and amnesia" about how we got into this mess.  He also stated that "we don’t mind cleaning up after someone else’s mess", implying that if the GOP wouldn’t help clean, the least they could do was not complain about "how we’re holding the mop."  Looks like the voters are starting to clean up the mess by clearing out the Democrats.  It’s a fact that they are the cause of the economic mess, going back to the Clinton administration.  I’ve stated as much with facts in previous posts in my blog.
Obama shows his extreme arrogance by stating that "he is not watching the election results".  He’s trying to tell us that he campaigned for these Democrats with all he had, and yet he’s "going to be watching basketball".  He’s a worse liar that I thought.  You can’t tell me that he isn’t watching the election results to see if his efforts helped his fellow Democrats.  Watch…with their seats in jeopardy, all the Democrats who will be up for re-election next year will lie through their teeth in order to secure their seats, saying whatever they think voters want to hear.  I pray that the voters see through their façade and vote them all out.  Our country and the freedoms we enjoy depend on it…
Christie Wins New Jersey Race 

NOVEMBER 4, 2009, 12:41 A.M. ET
By Suzanne Sataline
PARSIPPANY, N.J.—Republican Chris Christie, a former federal prosecutor, pulled out a win in the New Jersey governor’s race Tuesday, defeating a deeply unpopular Democratic incumbent whom voters blamed for the state’s high taxes and crushing budget woes.

The Associated Press called the race for Mr. Christie over incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine just after 10 p.m. With 91% of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Mr. Christie had 49% of the vote to Mr. Corzine’s 45%.

Mr. Corzine ran a campaign that emphasized his experience with reducing the state’s debt, getting children insured and dividing school aid more evenly among the state’s cities and towns. But he couldn’t overcome the state’s dire fiscal problems and an unemployment rate of 9.8%. He faced a strong candidate in Mr. Christie, a former U.S. attorney in Newark who had touted his corruption-busting credentials and tax-cutting policies in a heavily Democratic state.

Mr. Christie arrived at his victory party as New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen’s "Born to Run" played in the background. Mr. Christie said in his speech that he will take over at a time of extraordinary difficulties but that he is hopeful for the future. "Tomorrow begins the task of fixing our broken state," he said.

Independent Chris Daggett, an environmental consultant who offered a specific tax-cutting plan, also gained attention in the race.

Teresa Clark, a dental hygienist from Edison, N.J., said taxes "were a big issue." In explaining her vote for Mr. Christie, Ms. Clark added: "We want a change."

Mr. Corzine, a former Wall Street executive who vastly outspent his opponents, campaigned several times with Democratic luminaries, including three times with President Barack Obama. Nationally, Democrats wanted to keep the office in the Democratic column as they head into a vastly busier election season in 2010.

In a concession speech just before 11 p.m. ET, Mr. Corzine said he had congratulated Mr. Christie and promised to work with him for a smooth transition. Mr. Corzine also thanked Mr. Daggett, calling him a "positive element" in the campaign.

Mr. Christie, 47 years old, will face daunting problems, including an $8 billion budget deficit and a legislature that believes it has already made unpopular cuts to the state’s hospitals, programs for the disabled and higher education. He also must contend with powerful public-employees unions, which likely will fight cuts to medical and insurance benefits.

The state will expect local municipalities to carry more of the burden. "It is not going to be pretty," said Patrick Murray, the polling director at Monmouth University in Long Branch. "There’s going to be a tug of war, pushing off expenses onto local districts."

Mr. Christie will face an added burden in having to work with a Democratic legislature. Stephen Sweeney, the state senate’s Democratic majority leader, said state leaders would be willing to work with Mr. Christie, but the Republican, he said, hasn’t specified how he would cut taxes and pay for services. 


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