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This is not some macabre Halloween prank, but the brainchild of rampant Wall Street greed and corruption.  Yes, Wall Street is doing quite well.  The Dow is going up, but if you take a closer look at the end of this rainbow, you will see a dark storm cloud appearing on the horizon…

Last May, as the subprime mortgage market was exploding, many of the biggest players in finance gathered at a conference in New York to talk about the next investment schemeDeath Bonds.  When the event was held two years ago, just 250 people showed up. This time, nearly 600 descended on the Sheraton Hotel & Towers for the three-day confab, including delegations from Bear Stearns, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and other big firms—a lot of firms who received billions in stimulus money.  They flocked to seminars with titles such as "Legislative Review," schmoozed around the exhibition hall picking up the usual conference promotional brochures and trinkets, and networked at luncheons and a Carnegie Hall gala about the big "push" into the market being made by Cantor Fitzgerald, a major bond-trading shop.  Little did anyone realize these scumbags were all there to learn new and innovative ways to profit from people who are dying.  There are some people who may think this is a good idea, but this may also lead to many seniors and terminally ill people being taken advantage of and bullied into something they don’t fully understand.  This is still ongoing and it seems that the billions they received from the stimulus package is not enough to quench their insatiable appetite for more money and more power.


Wall Street may see this as a good investment, but it may also backfire.  The insurance companies may not see this as a worthy venture and may tack on insurance hikes or make it harder for legitimate insurance payouts.  They would have to include an amendment stating that it prohibits third party participation in cashing in insurance policies.  This will certainly open a can of worms.  Not only that, butI may be going on a limb hereyou may have some greedy bond holders who will hasten the insured’s death for a faster return on their investment.  Hey, stanger things have happened!

I’ve posted a story (below) and also a link to another related story.  I encourage you to read both…

"Death Bonds":  Wall Street’s Shocking New Plan To Reap Billions Off Dying Americans
By:  Mark Ames
Oct 08, 2009

Now we know why America’s oligarchs are fighting to keep the rest of us stuck in the world’s worst health care system: the more we die, the more billions Wall Street will earn. A recent article in The New York Times exposed how Wall Street is licking its lips over a new scheme to make hundreds of billions in profits by creating financial instruments that will profit off of millions of terminally-ill Americans’ agony, desperation, and death. The only thing standing in the way of this massive new Wall Street scheme is the kind of health care reform that might allow Americans to live longer lives. Yep, this is what we spent trillions of dollars bailing out Wall Street for: so that they can kill us for profit.

It sounds like something out of an old sci-fi flick like War of the Worlds, with America’s billionaires as the brutal aliens harvesting our humanoid blood and tissue to fertilize their country club golf courses. Yet it makes logical sense: Wall Street has nowhere else to turn for its fat profits. Our banking class has already destroyed everything else in this country that had any value, from America’s industrial base to the American Dream itself, its housing market–whatever Wall Street could securitize, leverage, flip or restructure, they destroyed for good. There’s nothing left to strip and pawn — except for our lives.

Yes, it’s sick as hell, so vile and evil that it almost defies understanding. But I’ll try: see, if I was a gambling man, I’d wager that the thing that gave our banker billionaires the idea to turn our deaths into “death bonds” was the way they so effortlessly looted trillions of taxpayer bailout dollars from us, so quickly, and with so little resistance. That puts bad ideas into bad people’s heads. You and I, if we were the ones who got those trillions in our time of need (rather than having it stolen from us in our time of need), we might have a real sentimental epiphany, like, “Gee, the American taxpayers saved me from ruin! I promise from now on to change my ways and do whatever I can to repay these kind Americans!”



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