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When I first read about this, I was very much surprised.  I understand that Palin wants to hype her new book, “Going Rogue: An American Life", but I really don’t feel Oprah has Palin’s best interest at heart.  Oprah only cares about Oprah, and it is clearly evident by the fact that she appears on the cover of every single issue of her magazine, "O".  Sarah Palin would have made more of an impact and would have garnered more publicity for her new book if she declined Oprah’s desperate plea to be on her show.  I hope Palin doesn’t live to regret her decision to appear on Oprah.  Last season when Oprah campaigned for Obama, her show didn’t do too well, especially among the white population.  I used to watch her show whenever Dr. Oz was on or when she had a topic that interested me.  I have found that she now gears her shows more toward topics that will interest white women, most often having white women appear on her show to reel in the white population, which is very transparent.  As a matter of fact, her show tumbled to just under 7 million viewers (down 7% from the previous year, according to Nielson Media Research).  Perhaps Oprah is hoping that by having Palin on her show, it will boost her sagging ratings, and for Oprah, it’s all about the ratings.  Case in point…
Remember this…
Palin is due to make an appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, November 16th—just one day before her new book hits book stores.  I’m not an avid Oprah watcher, but I will tune in to watch Palin face one of her opponents, Oprah Winfrey.
It’s no secret that I don’t care too much for Oprah, and it’s not because she’s black.  It’s because she only uses her wealth and celebrity to help blacks, whether it be with her black school in Africa or to promote a black presidential candidate.  She never left her show to promote presidential candidates in the past, but when Obama was running, she was front and center using her celebrity to advance Obama in the polls.  I don’t want my statement to be misconstrued here, but I have to call it as I see it.  If a rich white person built an all-white school in a mostly white neighborhood or for that matter, promoting or putting their money towards anything pertaining to white communities, they would be called out as a racist, but it’s perfectly fine for blacks like Oprah to promote black agendas.  It’s so sad that in this day and age, it’s still not acceptable for whites to be proud of their race.  You can be black, Hispanic or Puerto Rican and be proud of your heritage, but not if you’re white.  We have to stifle it so we don’t appear as "racists".  If I were Sarah Palin, I’d heed the warning in this famous quote…
"Gain cannot be made without some other person’s loss."
—Publilius Syrus


Oprah Winfrey was asked by hundreds of her viewers during the 2008 presidential election to have Sarah Palin come on the show.  It was rumored that many fans said the reason she did not was because she was out in full support for Obama.  Because of this, Oprah received a good amount of hate mail and anti-Oprah groups.

As it stands right now, the presales of Sarah Palin’s upcoming book is No. 4 on’s best-seller list.  The book is to come out on November 17th.



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