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You’ve probably heard these stories on the news or viewed them online.  Lots of people are calling these stories paranormal phenomenon.  What do you make of these?
In the first video, I’d say it’s a dead hairless sloth, and not some alien-type creature as some are suggesting.  Judge for yourself.  I put some pictures of live sloths after the video, for comparison purposes.  In the beginning of the first video, they are speaking Spanish half way through, but I chose this video because of the extended views of the animal’s body.  I believe that sloths have been known to live in Panama.  This link will take you to a video of a baby sloth in Panama, dated November 23, 2006…
As for the second video, your guess is as good as mine…

CNN Report:  What is this Creature Found in Panama?



Above two pictures were taken by Craig of a sloth in Costa Rica

Above two pictures were taken by Georgette of a sloth in Costa Rica

Here’s the other…
Strange Huge Light Cloud over Moscow Oct 09 
Thousands of Russian residents witnessed a strange circular formation glowing in the clouds above Moscow Wednesday night.  Weather experts insist that it’s an “optical illusion”.  Meteorologists are now saying it is a rare phenomenon called a “hole punch” cloud, the creation of which seems to require a combination of ice crystals, supercooled water droplets, warm, rising air, and a passing jet aircraft.

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