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I really do try to respect the guy we have in the White House, but Obama’s careless and selfish actions discourages me from doing so.  He talked a good talk on the campaign trail, but not convincingly enough to get me to cast my vote for him.  Now some people won’t even admit that they voted for him.  My, how the past 9 months have changed views and opinions of him.  Every day it’s another Obama drama.  Millions of Americans are out of work, not knowing when they’ll get another job, not being able to make ends meet, worrying about how the economy will affect them and those they love.  Most have families to support, and all were counting on Obama to give them the "change" that most of them voted for and that we desperately need.  Obama knew that, and ran with it, literally and figuratively.  Even I was hoping he’d deliver, although I wasn’t holding my breath.  Now we’re all looking with our mouths open in disbelief that this country is slowly turning into a country that we no longer recognize.  We don’t even recognize the guy who is always on TV with yet another speech in an effort to coerce us into his way of thinking.  After all, in the Obama administration and with the rest of the Democrats, it’s their way or no way.
Now we have another Obama failure..
Obama wasn’t content to have his wife, Michelle, go to Denmark to rally for Chicago.  Him and his big ego had to fly over there to strut like a peacock so that he’d get all the glory of securing the "2016 Olympic win" for Chicago, but he obviously overestimated his power of persuasion while underestimating the power of the IOC members.
And another…
On a recent "60 Minutes" episode, General Stanley McChrystal, the top American commander in Afghanistan, revealed that he had spoken only once with Obama in the last 70 days, even as the situation in Afghanistan worsens.  "Resources will not win this war, but under-resourcing could lose it," McChrystal wrote in a five-page, 66-page Commander’s Summary.  It was sent to Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Aug. 30th, and Obama was reviewing it, but had to make that all-important visit to Denmark, which to him, was more important.  Another bad decision on Obama’s part was when he gave more (and immediate) time to Henry Gates and James Crowley for their "beer summit", but  than the safety of our military personnel.  McChrystal warned that the war in Afghanistan would end in failure without additional troops, yet Obama continued to drag his feet.
The ever increasing ego of Obama needs to be reeled in.  It’s obvious that General McChrystal is a man who is more interested in the safety of the men and women in the military than of his own popularity, and Obama would be wise to take a lesson of humility from General McChrystal who exudes it.  Obama is more interested in his own popularity than in the safety and welfare of the military, and the American people as a whole, and that is a tragedy.

Obama finally met with McChrystal, and it seems like his plan will be rejected by Obama, in whole or in part.  McChrystal has called for an infusion of thousands more U.S. troops, saying that insurgents are gaining strength in Afghanistan and that the U.S. is in danger of failing if more forces are not sent to the fight.  Obama’s national security adviser, Retired Gen. James Jones’ view differs from that of McChrystal’s. "Afghanistan is not in imminent danger of falling to the Taliban", Jones said Sunday as he downplayed worries that the insurgency could set up a renewed sanctuary for Al Qaeda.  He made this comments after eight U.S. soldiers were killed near the Pakistan border and as many as seven Afghan forces in one of the fiercest battles of the eight-year war.  On Saturday morning, several hundred militant fighters streamed from an Afghan village and a mosque, and attacked a pair of remote outposts.
Jones said the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai must improve and give hope to the people of Afghanistan.  He added that he believes the government has a chance to succeed, with the aid of a strong effort by the U.S. to train the Afghan army and police.  "I don’t foresee the return of the Taliban.  Afghanistan is not in imminent danger of falling," Jones said on CNN’s State of the Union.  "The Al Qaeda presence is very diminished," he said.  "The maximum estimate is less than 100 operating in the country, no bases, no ability to launch attacks on either us or our allies."  Is he insane or is he just trying to downplay the violence for political reasons?  Is this his way to gain more governmental power over our military by procrastinating then later stating that the government must intervene?  And why not, Obama seems to have all this military experience (a bit of sarcasm here).  Now he needs another "crisis" to implement his marxist plan, even if he has to actively create it at a cost of young brave American lives.  Most Democrats want Obama to bring the troops home, while others, including McChrystal, feel more troops are necessary to win the war on terror.  If Obama sends more troops, it would help our military, but would hurt his "credibility with the Democrats".  One has to wonder where his loyalties lie…

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