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UPDATED:  Wednesday, October 7, 2009 3:54 PM (My original post follows my update)


Remember when Sarah Palin was the target of Letterman’s so-called jokes about her and her daughter?  Looks like he’s now the target of the National Organization of Women (NOW).  I thought Letterman was smart enough to know that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but I guess he really is an idiot.  He’s not the only idiot because NOW didn’t have a problem when Letterman joked about Palin and her daughter.  My only question here is what took NOW so long to come forward?  Letterman may have gotten a lot of laughs about Palin, but Palin is surely getting the last laugh NOW… 




NOW blasts Letterman over sexual affairs with staff


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The way David Letterman aired his fauxpology amid laughs from the audience was further proof that morals and ethics are severely lacking in this country, and people don’t really seem to care.  I didn’t expect his audience to laugh at his indiscretions, although I’m hoping they were laughing at him, not with him…

Top 10 Reasons Why We Think David Letterman is an Idiot

Bed-hopping and blackmail? What was the late night talk-show host thinking?

Kathy Campbell


On Thursday, David Letterman admitted that he had slept with a number of women who have worked for him.

His revelation came amid allegations that a TV producer had attempted to blackmail him for $2 million by threatening to reveal his affairs.

Here’s the top 10 reasons why we think David Letterman is an idiot.

10. The women he slept with worked for him.
David Letterman admitted that he slept with females who worked for him, including Stephanie Birkitt, who was initially his intern, and then his assistant. It’s always a gray area when a boss sleeps with a subordinate, leaving open questions about coercion.







9. He had a girlfriend at the time.
Dave was with long-time girlfriend Regina Lasko (who had previously worked for him) at the time of these entanglements. His affair with Stephanie reportedly ended shortly after Regina gave birth to his son, Harry, in 2003. Dave and Regina (who he began dating back in 1986) wed in March this year.

8. He jeopardized his job, and if he’s fired we’ll have to watch Conan.
After losing out initially to Conan O’Brien when the red-haired comedian took over as host of the Tonight Show in June, Dave quickly overtook him in the ratings. But on Thursday night, when he admitted to the affairs, Dave also admitted that he hoped to protect his job. It remains to be seen whether CBS will impose any penalties on him, but earlier this year his contract was extended until August 2012.


7. She’s almost 30 years younger than him.
Yes, his quintuple heart bypass surgery in 2000 gave him a new lease on life, but did he have to use his newfound energy to chase a much-younger woman around his desk?

6. He admitted that he fooled around with more than one woman on his staff.
Dave obviously identifies too closely with Bill Clinton.


5. He’s given Sarah Palin tons of ammunition in her campaign against the liberal media.
Back in June, he got into a war of words with the former Alaska governor after he joked that the most difficult thing about her trip to New York was keeping her teenage daughter away from Luv Gov Eliot Spitzer. Sarah Palin took exception to him making jokes with sexual undertones at her 14-year-old daughter’s expense. And in the light of his romps with a 34-year-old, Dave, 62, is looking more than a little like a dirty old man.

4. He thought he wouldn’t get caught.
Really? In this day and age? Oh Dave, we have thought you many things, but naïve wasn’t one of them.

3. He’s given Jay Leno a reason to feel superior.
It didn’t take long for Dave’s fellow late-night hosts to take aim. Leading the pack was Jay Leno, who noted on Friday night that Dave’s alleged blackmailer, Robert "Joe" Halderman, had worked for 48 Hours, and added, “At least it wasn’t a producer from To Catch a Predator.” He then concluded, “I’m happy to say that I’ve never had a sexual relationship with any of my staff members.” Note to Jay, there’s nothing worse than a smug goody two-shoes.

2. He hurt his wife and child with his actions.
His son, Harry, is 6 — just old enough to get taunted at school.

1. Now he has made us feel creeped-out by thinking of him having sex.
Ewwwwwwwww! We prefer to see David Letterman as a curmudgeon than a Casanova.


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