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If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I have the utmost respect for our military.  They certainly have earned it!  I came across these humorous military pictures and had to share.  They’re courtesy of Sally Swift at  I, too, received this email, but I’m posting Sally’s because her words mirror my own.  Like all Americans, these soldiers find humor even at the darkest of times.  Humor is a great coping mechanism, and our prayers will help them return to their loved ones safe, and hopefully, soon.  God Bless our Military, and God Bless America!


Have a great weekend, Everyone…






My sister Judy sent me these pictures in an email, maybe you got it too. They’re clever and funny, but more important, they show the remarkable resilience of our troops. No matter where, no matter for how long or under what circumstances, they manage to hold on to the uniquely American brand of humor.

As we approach the holidays, my heart–and yours too, I’m sure–goes out to military families with an empty place at the family gathering, a stocking missing from the mantle, a voice not joined with them in prayer, song and joy. And to our brave men and women so far from home.

Yes, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the result of depraved and craven political agendas. And they must be stopped. But ask any soldier over there and you’ll hear one ideal spoken with one voice – they’re fighting for America.

Only in America could these pictures be taken and shown freely, without fear of reprisal. Is this a great country or what? Well … let’s get our troops home SOON and really give them something to smile about.

Turn here, please.

So it’s not your mother’s Florida. It’s still a jacuzzi.


Okay, I know learning sometimes means baby steps….


If I’d only remembered to RTFM.


Or I could just fly on my own.


Speaking of flying… "We’ll get you and your little dog too!"


Uh, big doggie … never mind.


One way to fire.


And if you run out of bullets…


All riiight! Now we got a fair fight!


Tanks? You mean we got tanks??


Yeah, it’s the real thing … but it’s not BEER!


Okay, okay, no more beer.


I never go anywhere without lip gloss, a hairbrush and a couple of sidewinder missiles.


Pictures with Santa?


And finally, (Santa never flew like this)……………………..

War? I got yer stinkin war right heeerrrre.




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