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If you’re wondering what racism really looks like, just view this video, but I must warn you, it’s extremely disturbing to watch.  I’m posting it because I’m sick and tired of hearing the faux racist accusations coming from the Democrats, which has been rampant lately.  White people are called racists at every turn, even when the action doesn’t fit the label.  We are called racists even if we don’t agree with Obama’s health care reform package.  Those people need to watch this video and learn a thing or two about real racists.  I’m not saying that there is no white-on-black brutality because there is, and it’s just as dispicable as this incident.  It’s just that it’s never a race issue when it involves a white person.  A brutal school bus beating was caught on surveillance video.  A white male student at Belleville West High School was subjected to not one, but two vicious beatings by two of his black peers.  The video begins with the Belleville West High School student, aged 17, trying to find a seat on the bus.  Every time he tried to sit down, he is deterred by other kids on the bus until the driver finally gives them no choice.  The white male student then moves a bag off a seat and sits, only to be brutally assaulted by two other students who were encouraged to escalate the attack by other kids on the bus.  Based on the way the white student was treated leading up to the attack and the manner in which two black students ganged up on him, police have "suggested" racism was a likely motivator.  Gee!  Ya think?!  Why didn’t Jesse Jackass and Al Crapton come to the aid of this kid whose civil rights have been obviously violated?  They both cry for civil rights, even in situations where they weren’t violated (remember the Lacrosse players who were wrongfully accused of raping a black woman), but they’re only for civil rights for black people.  Civil rights are for all people, not just for a select group.
What’s really disturbing to me is the fact that the bus driver did nothing to stop this vicious attack.  Where are his morals?  Another question I’d like to ask is what would Rosa Parks say about these black boys not allowing a white boy a seat?  All her hard work for equality and where has it gotten her?  Add to that the fact that a bus of primarily black students cheered the black bullies on, not intervening to help this white kid.  Do these black kids forget what their ancestors felt like when they were victimized so long ago?  How would they like it if the shoe were on the other foot?  This hatred has to stop!  Some kids were even taking pictures with their cell phones!  How dispicable is all of this?  If this happened to a black student, heads would have rolled.  This would have been instantly labeled as a racist attack on a "poor defenseless black kid", but since this happened to a white student, people are hesitant to label it what it is and take action because it may be too "controversial a topic".  It’s incidents like this that is fueling the racial hatred in this country.  If someone or something doesn’t stop all this hatred, we will be heading straight for another civil war.
The anger in these boys’ actions makes me wonder what is really going on with them.  This is not just a typical school fight.  This is way beyond that.  This is raw hatred and anger surfacing.  If these black kids don’t get the help they so desperately need, their actions will only intensity as they grow into adulthood.  This happens much more than the media wants you to know.  Sure, they’re quick to point out white-on-black attacks, even stretching the truth at times, but there’s never the same outrage when a white person is attacked by black people.  Where’s Obama now, as this is clearly a racial attack?  The facts are here on tape, yet Obama weighed in on the professor non-attack not too long ago even before knowing anything about the incident.  Where is he now?  It’s just plain despicable what is happening in this country.  My heart aches for the united America I know and love…

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