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I heard this information while watching Glenn Beck, and I have to say, it mirrors what I’ve been saying and thinking all along (videos follow).


Glenn Beck has uncovered some very alarming information concerning how the White House through the FCC is now in the stages of developing an alternative to our First Amendment right to free speech under the Constitution.  Their schemes are to use an already-in-place apparatus to silence opposition under the guise of “diversity” and “localism,” and to charge large amounts of money to purchase licenses.


Ever since we got a black guy in the White House, our days are turning…black.  I wanted to believe that maybe Obama was the real deal, that maybe all these people who were rallying around him were seeing him as a true beacon of hope.  My intuition took over, however, and I saw him for what he really is, and now everyone else is seeing what I saw so long ago.  I never thought for one moment that this country would center on racism in this last election since more white people voted for Obama than black people voted for McCain, but I was wrong.  Never in my life did I think that it would be the Democrats who would throw us white people under the bus, time and time again, calling us racists if we didn’t vote for him, racists if we didn’t go along with his agendas, racists if we spoke out against him.  Honestly, I can’t stand the word RACIST!

Our government is trying to destroy capitalism because they don’t want anyone outside of the government gaining a large amount of money because with money brings power, and with power, we’d have the forces necessary to stand up to them.  Our government wants nothing more than to see us all as lowlifes depending on them for a handout, with them high above us all, feeding us crumbs while they all live like kings (and queens).  That’s why they embraced welfare so long ago.  Now our freedom of speech is under attack.   Localism boards are being created as we speak.  Our new "Diversity Czar", Mark Lloyd, has just proposed that radio companies pay 100% of their operating budget yearly.  That 100% tax would then be transferred to state-run radio of NPR.  If you can’t pay this tax, well then you’ll just lose your license, and that license will then be sold to a minority group.  How’s that for a stab in the back to non-minorities?
This is going to bring a huge racial and ethnic war into this country that will most likely surpass what must have gone on in the 60s.  Martin Luther King said his dream was that one day a man would be judged by the contents of his character, not the color of his skin.  How ironic that a black guy and his administration is now using the color of his skin as his Ace in the Hole.  Obama supporters have given Obama an inch and now he is our out-of-control, power-hungry radical ruler…





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