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Somehow I’m not seeing a pleasant end to all the opposition to Obama[I don’t]Care after the town hall meeting debates.  There are so many different versions that we don’t know which one they’ll pass through.  Case in point:  The House planned to spend $550M in the Air Force budget on passenger jets used for lawmakers and senior government officials on GulfStream and Boeing jets.  That amount more than doubled from the original request from the Pentagon.  Expect the same from the healthcare bill.  Now the House has scrapped that plan due to the public’s outrage, opposition from other lawmakers and the Defense Department saying that "it did not need more planes than it had requested".  The Pentagon’s original request was $220M to purchase 1 GulfStream plane and 3 Boeing aircraft—that’s a far cry from the bloat added by John Murtha, a PA Democrat who said "the 4 additional planes his sub-committee ordered would have replaced ‘older aircraft that have safety and maintenance issues’ "  Oh, please!  Don’t hide under the "safety" umbrella.  We’re on to you, Mothra (as in the occasional ally of godzilla, but more often than not, engages in conflict due to his anger toward the human race).  Yup!  Sounds like a Mothra to me.
Bear in mind that the House approved a Defense Appropriation bill for FY 2010 that included the $550M for 3 GulfStream jets and 5 military versions of a Boeing 737, before leaving for the August Congressional recess.  They seem to do that rather strategically, and also they pass a load of crap on Fridays, I’ve noticed.  When (not if) the healthcare bill passes, I’m sure they’ll do it while something bigger is brewing so that it won’t be too noticeable, and what they pass will not be beneficial to us, I assure you.  They seem to drum up deliberate controversies to divert our attention to what they’re really doing so watch them carefully or you’ll miss what their real intent is…

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