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One man I have the utmost respect for is Daniel Hannon, a member of UK’s Parliament.  He is mentioned in one of my previous posts, and when I caught this interview with Sean Hannity recently, I agreed with Hannan 100%.  I can remember when Bush was in office how the Democrats did everything they could to downplay the wrongs within their own party, and at the same time, exaggerated everything Republican.  It’s strange how the Democrats downplayed ACORN throughout the election (remember when members of the Black Panthers stood outside polling places armed with clubs), and that was considered "community organizing", but when average Americans attend town hall meetings to voice their opinions armed with nothing more than their fears, the Democrats are saying the Republicans put them up to it and how it’s "un-American" and calling them "angry mobs".  Nancy Pelosi said they were armed with swastikas, and that was never the case in any town hall meetings.  That’s just one example of the Democrats spreading lies to cover up their own iadequacies. 
Recently, Obama stated that "if his universal healthcare was so bad, how is it that AARP endorses it".  Well, that’s another lie from Obama.  The Director of AARP states that is not the case…
I have to say, Democrats really sicken me.  If you don’t go along with their beliefs, you are called un-American.  You are labeled as part of an angry mob.  This is insanity, and it has gotten worse.  It seems the more power they’re given, the more insidious they get. 
Anyway, here is the clip on Daniel Hannon…




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