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Ah, it’s great to be back…

It’s absolutely unconscionable how our government operates.  Yes, this has been going on for a very long time, but it’s accelerated at such a fast pace since Obama took office.  Their Cash for Clunkers program is not the success [for us] that the Democrats are saying it is.  It’s not even the brainstorm of Rep. Ed Markey, as he wants us to believe.  The Cash For Clunkers program has been going on in Germany for some time now, originally put in place as “temporary”, but it is still in effect so Markey should not take “credit” for something he really didn’t mastermind.


When my computer died, I really wanted a laptop…something I’ve wanted for a very long time.  I charged the one I wanted and after one day, it was attached to my hip—I loved it!  Then my husband came home from work a day later and told me the bad news about his truck…it’s on its last leg and he doesn’t want to put any more money into it (it is 15 years old with high mileage).  Weighing the situation, I returned the laptop in exchange for a cheap tower.  I wasn’t happy about it, but you have to do what you have to do.


Now with our priorities in place, we were off to truck shop and coincidentally took advantage of the 5% sales tax before the jump to 6.5% on August 1st, courtesy of none other than Obama wannabe, our MA Governor, Deval “Devil” Patrick.  While I had the laptop, I was able to poke around to see what was out there as far as used trucks because we can’t afford a new one.  We went to several dealerships, with a Chrysler dealership being our first stop because of their “double your Cash For Clunkers” promotion.  The premise was that they’d match the $4,500 put in place by the government.  We figured if we could save $9,000, we’d be a little ahead of the game, and a game it was.  They were strong-arming us into buying a new truck with a huge Hemi engine—there were rows and rows of them—no thanks!  We left and went on to a few other dealerships on our list.  We ended up at a dealership and looked at their new trucks, but we seriously couldn’t afford one and later looked at the very used truck I singled out from their Web site—it’s two years old and a lot smaller than the one we had, has a 6-cylinder engine instead of the 8-cylinder we had and doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the new models had, and we talked them down to a price we could manage.  We are not one to “keep up with the Jones”.  My husband just needs an affordable, dependable ride to get him to and from work.  I have a small SUV that I’m very happy with (and still paying for), and with a 4-cylinder engine, it gets great gas mileage so I’m not going to be taken in by the Obama car caper rhetoric of the “get rid of your ‘gas-guzzling’ SUV”, because all SUVs are not created equal.


When we asked about the Cash For Clunkers program, we were told that although we met most of the criteria, there were other areas where we did not—among them, the used truck has 4WD and the Cash For Clunkers program only permits the 2WD for that particular model so we couldn’t take advantage of the $4,500 helping hand.  I’m thinking it was "salesman talk".  He then tried to offer us one of the new 2WD trucks or the big 4WD trucks, but we declined and because we needed a truck for my husband, we purchased the smaller used truck we originally wanted.  We were extremely disappointed that out of everything that Obama has offered Americans (i.e., home refi help and vehicle purchase help), we were not able to take advantage of either because of the red tape involved that disqualified us from both programs.  I’m wondering who has been helped by these programs because we pay our bills on time and have excellent credit, but apparently those attributes don’t help in the Obama arena.  You have to be delinquent in paying your debts and you must be willing to get further into debt to qualify under Obama’s rules.


One billion dollars was set aside for the Cash For Clunkers program, but in less than one week, “the money is gone”—seems to be a theme with the Obama administration.  Obama and the Dems are patting themselves on the back because of its success, but is it really a success?  Ed Markey, the so-called author of Cash For Clunkers says it’s become one of the most successful stimulus programs of 2009, and he’s right!  Only, it’s not a success for us; it’s a success for our government and the auto industry.  Don’t forget that our government now owns two of the biggest auto makers who are getting all this business courtesy of their new owners, our government.  This Cash For Clunkers program comes suspiciously close to the deadline of the Massachusetts sales tax increase.  Even Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and MA Governor “Devil” Patrick were on the airwaves pushing people to buy vehicles before “the tax deadline”.


Think for a moment…the same people who came up with the $1B figure for this program (and who are now saying it’s not enough) are the same people who are saying that $1.6T will be enough for healthcare.  Our government now wants to allot another $2B to continue this Cash For Clunkers disaster.  Where is this additional $2B to help cover the cost of this ever-expanding program going to come from?  Do you really think that $1.6T will be enough for ObamaCare?  I think not!  There will be so much corruption like people coming into America from other countries to get free healthcare, overloading our system and we’ll get stuck footing the incredibly high escalating bill that the government didn’t have the foresight to see or prepare for, just as in this Cash For Clunkers program.  They can’t even run this Cash For Clunkers" program successfully, and we’re going to let them run our healthcare system?  I say, No Way!  Anyway, let’s stay on the Cash For Clunkers for now…


Our government is showing just how incompetent it is.  They’re patting themselves on the back because they gave away free money faster than anticipated—our money, by the way—because we’re going to be the suckers that will be paying for it in the long run!  Is that really something to be proud of?  They’re expanding this program by printing more money, and not because it’s a success, but because it’s a failure.  The papers and TV ads are full of auto dealers telling us all to come in and trade in our old vehicles for new ones.  Now the government has a backlog of paperwork on the transactions that they can’t possibly keep up with.  To add insult to injury, the dealers are wondering if the government will make good on their allowances for this program.  What about the auto parts recyclers?  Their inventories will be dangerously low.  They’re not allowed to salvage any part of the vehicles before they’re crushed.  Don’t you think that these auto dealers will try and sell the vehicle parts off for extra money, or even sell the vehicles that would bring in more money to them?  Where there’s a will, there will be corruption coming out of this program. 


If auto parts recyclers do take parts off the old Cash For Clunkers vehicles, they’ll be good for only six months anyway.  There won’t be any old vehicles around to house these old parts.  As for the people who want parts for their “old clunkers” that they have to keep, they won’t be able to find them because our government gave orders that all Cash For Clunkers vehicles are to be “destroyed, parts and all”.  What about the people who want to buy old auto parts?  What about the people who want clunkers?  What about the people who can only afford clunkers?  They now have fewer options, don’t they?  My husband and I didn’t go out and buy a new vehicle like a lot of people did.  We bought a used one that was more within our budget.  Even the vehicle I have now was used.  What the new administration is doing is outrageous—they’re forcing people to go out during a recession and take on more debt than they’re able to—just as they did in the Clinton administration when the government forced banks to give mortgage loans to people who couldn’t afford them.  The way the home mortgage crisis came back to haunt them is the same way the Cash For Clunkers program will come back to haunt them…just watch and see.  You’ll have scores of people defaulting on their vehicle loans and they’ll blame the government for the mess they got into when, in reality, they should shoulder a lot of the blame themselves for “buying into” this vehicle hoax.


One quarter of a million clunkers are being destroyed and people who can’t afford to buy new vehicles will be out of luck.  My first car wasn’t a new one—it was a clunker.  I can remember when my a/c went in one of my “old clunkers”.  I went to a junk dealer and presto!  I got a cheap rebuilt compressor.  Those days will be gone.  This program is nothing more than another huge bailout for the auto industry, as I see it.  Contrary to popular belief, the recession isn’t over.  Not when unemployment is up to 9.5% and growing.  Look, I don’t want to seem like a Dolly Downer, but things aren’t as good as Obama and his corrupt posse wants us to believe.  I don’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth.  I didn’t trust him when he gave that old sob story while on the campaign trail about his grandmother saying she was “afraid of black guys” when they passed her on the street.  I can’t see a white grandmother saying that to her black grandson, especially one she’s bringing up.  That was a ploy to get the sympathy vote from people, and son-of-a-gun, it worked!  He’s now using a different ploy here, and people are blind to it.  He’s really cunning; I’ll give him that.  Some people are gullible, but he’s so transparent with this hoax.  Heck, I can’t even believe that in this economy, people raced out and bought new vehicles in one week and depleted $1B in this program like they’re spewing all over the place.  I’m telling you, the way he schemes and lies through his teeth, I think that maybe, just maybe, we didn’t really go through $1B, and this is just another Obama ruse to get people onboard the Obama train for the healthcare that will be stopping at a clinic near you.  Only the stops won’t be as frequent as they are now…maybe once every 6 to 8 months.


Right now, we’re in the eye of an economic tornado.  Things seem pretty good, but continue to hold onto your possessions.  You could lose everything in a heartbeat.  Our debt has grown to 110%, and that’s not including healthcare.  How insane is it to turn in a vehicle that’s operable, that you don’t owe any money on only to turn it in for a new vehicle that maybe gets 1 to 2 mpg more than what you’re getting now, or in some cases, less (see the link below for more info on this) gas mileage and pay a big loan for it for the next 6 years?  Does that make any sense after Obama telling us all to tighten our belts?  The Depression lasted for a whole decade because of our government and if Obama and his band of thugs continue with this reckless governing, we may see history repeating itself.  We have two choices:  Either depend on their meager rations or fend for ourselves, which by the way, is the only way America recouped their losses—by the blood and grit of their own power.  My first car was a clunker, and I was very happy with it.  As a matter of fact, quite a lot of vehicles I had were clunkers, and they always got me from Point A to Point B.  What my husband and I did with one of the old clunkers I was driving was donate it in memory of one of my sisters who passed on.  We’ve done the same thing with our cell phones—donated them to womens’ shelters.  That, to me, is a good way to stimulate the economy.  That car went to a very worthy cause and brought some good to someone who needed it—ditto on the cell phones we donated.  Obama’s Cash for Clunkers is a shameful waste of vehicles that someone could be getting some use out of without being driven to the poor house which is where a lot of people will be driving to with this program.  This is becoming a wasteful society because we have a very wasteful government.


This is another failed attempt by Obama, and his failures are stacking up as fast as the old clunkers that are being put on the chopping block.  This time, it’s at the expense of lots of people who are out of work and can’t afford a new vehicle in the first place, which brings me back to my thoughts as stated above…


Here’s an interesting article that hits the nail right on the head…


Cash to trade clunkers for clunkers






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You\’re probably right; then we\’ll be hearing alot about this throughout the upcoming Obama HealthSCare debacle.


It is all relative. The Cash 4 Klunkers looks succesful because the rest of the stimulus package has produced so little for so much.


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