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UPDATED:  Friday, July 10, 2009 4:00 PM (My original post follows my update)
I recently came across this picture of Obama sightseeing in Italy (sans Michelle).  I thought Bill Clinton was bad.  Let’s face it, guys check out women all the time, but there is such a thing as subtlety.  He knows every camera is on him.  Is he that clueless?  Imagine if this were Bush?  I’ll tell you, this makes Obama look like a real idiot!  Looks like he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do when Obama #2 sees this.  He’ll be sleeping out on the lawn…
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I can just see Michelle Obama laying into Obama over this picture…
While in Italy, Obama falls victim to one Brazilian female’s charms, only those charms belong to a 16 years old which, by the way, is just 5 years older than Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia.  Reel it in, Obama, will you?  I don’t think Sarkozy’s wife would have a problem with the way Sarkozy reacted, but I do think Obama will hear it from Michelle.  I’m thinking some Italian gold will go a long way as Michelle is definitely a high-maintenance wife with her $600 sneakers that she had the audacity to wear to a food shelter, and while in Moscow, clutched onto a $6,000 handbag.  Atta girl, Michelle!  You’re certainly loving America now, aren’t you?  I’d like to know where she gets the money to support her obviously extravagant lifestyle.

Anyway, who was the lady in maroon who caught Obama’s eye?  Her name is Mayora Tavares, a 16-year old from Brazil.  Mayora was at the G8 summit in Italy as part of the J8, a group of 53 people aged between 14 and 17 who have been meeting in Rome since the start of the week.  The group was there to discuss how the lives of young people around the world can be improved.  Well, for starters, it can be improved by not having middle-aged men gawking at them like they’re sex objects.  It shouldn’t surprise me, though, because politicians can’t show any type of restraint with anything!  After they presented their results and ideas on Thursday to their senior counterparts, the delegates had a group photo with them when Obama was snapped.  Here is the shot seen round the world…
Here’s a front view of 16-year-old Tavares…


Group shot…
Of course, Obamas #1 and #2 will say their relationship is solid.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the happy couple in this lively shot…
Hmmm…There’s that infamous Obama finger pointed right at her.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…

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Marg, Obama made his looks so obvious that he\’s probably doing this to get a shout out from the \’hood and also to divert our attention to the real three disgraces…Sotomayor, universal healthcare and cap and trade…QB


you have to admit that you can check out the menu and still love you meal.he just got caught.I do not know any one who doesn\’t look at some time or another but,if you are in the spot light,just be caeful.all eyes are apon you.lol.


LOL! Good one, Tom. If she does, she\’ll also be sporting some serious Armani and Gucci attire…QB


I vote for Seabiscuit cutting him a break.


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