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There are three versions of "The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009" (Bill Number H.R.2454 for the 111th Congress, aka the Cap-And-Trade Bill).  Its goal, as stated from its official title, is "To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy" (links to these three versions follow my post).

House Ways and Means ranking Republican Rep.
Dave Camp, R-Mich, center, holds up a copy of the
Waxman-Markey climate change legislation during a
news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday,
June 19, 2009. From left are, Rep. Donald Manzullo,
R-Ill., Rep. John Kline, Minn., camp, and House
Agriculture Committee ranking Republican Rep. Frank
Lucas, R-Okla. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

First of all, this so-called energy bill is supposed to save energy and improve the environment, but it’s killing a lot of trees in the process.  How many?  From ConservaTree.com, a ream or 500 sheets of paper consumes roughly 6% of a tree.  Let’s say that all 435 Congressmen read the bill and printed out their own personal copy, just once.  That means one version would have consumed 552,000 sheets or 1,044 reams of paper or 63 trees.  They do have the option of reading it online like the rest of us do, which is what I hope they did.  They are all about haste and waste, but as we all know, haste makes waste.  Here’s another bill that is so massive, it is impossible to read in such a short period of time.  That may be the motivating factor here…making it huge so people won’t read it.  They may be leaving it up to the Senate to read as it hasn’t yet passed the Senate.  Being lazy politicians all-around, they probably won’t read it either, but instead are enjoying their perks as top officials in the government.  That’s what they do quite well.

The New York Times notes that there is an explosive anti-trade provision that was slipped in at the last minute in order to secure the votes of Midwestern congressmen and women:

The House bill contains a provision, inserted in the middle of the night before Friday’s vote, which requires the president, starting in 2020, to impose a “border adjustment” — or tariff — on certain goods from countries that do not act to limit their global warming emissions. The president can waive the tariffs only if he receives explicit permission from Congress to do so.

The provision was added to secure the votes of Rust Belt lawmakers who were wavering on the bill because of fears of job losses in heavy industry.

In the floor debate on the bill Friday, one of its authors, Representative Sander M. Levin, Democrat of Michigan, said, “As we act, we can and must ensure that the U.S. energy-intensive industries are not placed at a competitive disadvantage by nations that have not made a similar commitment to reduce greenhouse gases.”

Now some have said that Obama’s comments indicate he is opposed to the provision, and they’ve even gone so far as to "congratulate" him on his stance.  Here is what he actually said:

“At a time when the economy worldwide is still deep in recession and we’ve seen a significant drop in global trade, I think we have to be very careful about sending any protectionistsignals out there,” Mr. Obama said.

He added, “I think there may be other ways of doing it than with a tariff approach.”

Well, to me, that’s code for "let’s just call it by another name", which is what he likes to do with everything that’s controversial.  His true test will be when this bill comes up against the Senate.  It is then we will see where his loyalties lie.

Why is it that our now big government is hammering this energy bill down our throats, yet it’s a fact that Americans are driving less—driving is down 123 billion miles over the previous 12-month period.  There’s a 4% drop in driving, which is the largest drop since 1979-1980 (during the Iranian revolution that spiked gas prices).  That translates to 8-10 million less people driving.  There is less demand, yet gas prices continue to rise.  Why is that?  Nobody seems to know.  In spite of when gas prices reached over $4 a gallon, people still drove their big vehicles.  You didn’t see most people racing to car dealerships to buy hybrids.  Let’s face it, Americans want bigger cars.  Their families are bigger, many of whom rely on their vehicles for business as well as pleasure.  I purposely don’t own a small vehicle because I want to have half a chance should I get into an accident (God forbid).  Another reason is because of the stability I get with AWD.  There’s plenty of room and it handles better in bad weather.  I own a small SUV, and it’s a 4-cylinder.  I get great gas mileage, and I’m not sacrificing safety and comfort to get it! 

OPEC may be forced to cut production even more which will drop oil prices.  If that happens, what’s going to happen to all these high-priced "green cars" that our government is insisting the new GM manufacture?  Nobody will buy them!  Why should they when they weren’t interested when gas went up to $4 a barrel?  In the past two weeks, oil went from $74/gallon down to $64/gallon. With the possibility of unemployment reaching 10% on the horizon, people will not be buying these pricey green cars.  Heck, nobody has the money to travel as evidenced by the travel stats above.  What do you think Obama will do then?  Well, if he can’t get us to buy the government-owned green cars, he may either increase the gas tax or he will impose a very nice incentive to those who choose to cave to his demands of buying a green vehicle.  He can keep the "change" and all the red tape that goes along with it.  I’ll keep the vehicle I have; the one I prefer. 

Did you know that GE Wind used to be Enron Wind?  We all know that Jeffrey Immelt has been in bed with Obama, the snake oil salesman from who knows where.  GE’s Immelt was quite instrumental in helping to buy the White House for Obama and now as I’ve said in previous posts, Obama is paying back Immelt’s loyalty.  I really believe that Immelt and GE Wind will receive many contracts from the Obama administration with this energy bill.  Just watch and see.

For the 3 versions of the energy bill (from GovTrack), click on "Full Text On Thomas" on the left.  Read it and weep…

American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009


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