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I’ve been having computer problems and haven’t been able to access my computer since Monday.  I think I fixed them, but this is the third time my computer’s acted up so I think its days are numbered.  One time it died, I lost everything (before I could back up anything).  My computer’s old so I may have to buy another one and charge it.  OUCH!  That’s going to hurt, especially since I’m trying to pay down what I owe.  Another bill we don’t need right now.  I should probably get one quick, though, before that idiot Deval (or as I call him, Devil) Patrick’s sales tax increase goes into effect on August 1st, I believe.  It’s going from 5% to 6.25%.  What an idiot!  He’s hiking our taxes at a time when we can’t even afford it, and he wants to be re-elected.  He probably thinks he’s a popular guy, but I have news for him.  He’s only a legend in his own mind.  I didn’t vote for him the first time, but I don’t think the people of Massachusetts will re-elect him if they have any common sense at all.
Funny thing is before I started trying to fix my computer myself, I figured I’d call a computer store to see if I could arrange to bring it in to be looked at.  I wanted to take a picture of the screen with my digital camera and show them what the screen shows, and maybe they could tell me the problem.  I got out my cameraand I’m not making this up—turned it on when all of a sudden the lens kept extending then retracting, extending then retracting…three times, then shut off.  My digital camera no longer works!  What the ???  Well, that’s not going to be replaced.
Things come in threes so I’m just waiting for the third boulder to drop on my head.  I was determined to fix my computer and maybe I did, but I believe it’s only temporary.  At least this time, I was able to back up all my stuff.  I wanted to post something this week, but it will have to wait until next week…God willing, my computer will still be up and running.  I will post my Friday Funnies to start off the Fourth of July Weekend with a bang.  Have a great Fourth!  Be safe…

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glad to hear you are should have been born a rocket scientist.tee-hee-hee.I just love reading your blogs.keep up the good work.hope your computer doen\’t have the swine


Tom, I can\’t believe that! Consider me humbled…QB


Sorry about the computer problem. But with the sales tax in LA County now up to 9.75% we envy Taxachusetts\’ restraint.


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