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Various emails have stated that by doing the "fingernail test" is the way to detect a two-way mirror, but it’s inaccurate.  Here’s the true way (courtesy of Snopes).  Good to know…





Transparent mirrors are most obviously distinguishable from ordinary mirrors in that they’re not hung on walls as ordinary mirrors are, but they’re set into walls (or doors) as windows are.  In other words, if there’s a wall behind a mirror, the mirror is almost certainly an ordinary one–a transparent mirror would be part of the wall itself.  Also, the lighting in front of a transparent mirror must be much brighter than the lighting on the other side (where the hidden orbservers are) for it to work effectively, and some light leaks through from the brighter side to the dimmer side.
According to the folks in Mirropane’s technical support group, you can use these factors to your advantage by pressing your eyes up against the mirror and cupping your hands around them (to block out the light from the room you’re in):  If you’re truly dealing with a transparent mirror, you should be able to see at least a little something of the open area behind it.  Also, rapping on the mirror should provide an aural clue:  ordinary mirrors have backings and are usually placed against walls, so rapping on them will generally produce dull thuds; transparent mirrors are set into walls with open areas behind them, so rapping on them should produce much more open, hollow sounds.  These methods of detection are more reliable that the fingernail test and should be preferred to taking a chance on getting arrested for property damage after tossing a chair through a perfectly normal mirror misjudged via less accurate means.


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thanks for that info.very good. marg.


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