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For all the media and blacks out there who consistently report that blacks are the only people who get tasered…
There are a lot of whites who get tasered as well, but most of these stories don’t make the front page of the newspapers or attract media attention or the ire of Jesse Jackass or Al Crapton because it’s not a black issue.  Blacks are always screaming that "just being black" prompts officers to taser them.  There is no light being shed on the fact that in most of those cases, those blacks were subdued by tasers because they were either out of control or because of resisting an officer.  That portion of the story always seems to fall off the radar screen.  The black community conveniently used the race card in every one of those instances, but whites are not afforded that luxury.  Here is just a sampling of whites getting tasered…

Gregory Talbott (Palm Beach County booking blotter)
As reported by Adam H. Beasley at the Miami Herald in April of 2008:  Millionaire Gregory Talbott was sound asleep when Boca Raton police pulled up to his his Bentley, its engine running, early Tuesday morning.  A few minutes later, the developer would have no problem keeping awake, thanks to a 50,000-volt shock from a stun gun.  Much of the episodefrom Talbott refusing to hang up a phone call, to resisting arrest, which ended in police tasering himwas recorded on a patrol car’s dash camera.  Talbott, a millionaire developer, was asleep at the side of the road when the officers approached and tasered him.  Hmmm…I guess the old rhetoric that rich people receive preferential treatment doesn’t apply here.  Imagine if he was black.  You’d have a black mob demanding that his civil rights were violated.  What about this white man’s civil rights?  Apparently, civil rights only apply to blacks.  True, he was DWI, but the officers did not know this at the time of the tasering.
Here’s another past incident where a white woman was tasered…

Warren City, OH police are investigating an incident in which the officer repeatedly used a taser to control the woman, who police allege was wildly out of control after being forced from a bar.  According to Officer Rich Kovach’s own police report, he shocked Heidi Gill, 38, seven timestwice after she had been handcuffed.  In the report, Kovach describes responding to a "fight/disturbance inside the bar" and finding a belligerent Gill, who began cursing, refused to give her real name, then tried to flee.  The video shows Gill stumbling, with her arms flailing, and screaming while Kovach uses the stun gun on her.  Well, who wouldn’t scream after a taser blast?  When Kovach used the Taser for the seventh and final time while trying to transport Gill from one police cruiser to another, he can be heard saying, "You’re going to walk to that car or you’re going to be tasered again."

Gill fell down, knocked her head on the pavement and lay there unconscious.  An ambulance then took her to a hospital, then she was arrested and charged with felony assault, falsification, resisting arrest, criminal damaging and vehicle trespass.  As you can see in the video below (just ignore the silly little graphic at the start), the woman is a shrieking, flailing banshee:  the kind of person that’s a nightmare for a cop to handle.  But she’s not dangerous—either to the officer, or to herself.  So how can Kovach justify tasering her seven times, some for 30 seconds, nearly 10 times the average cycle?…

But wait…there’s more.  What about the white 72-year old great-grandmother who was tasered, and the cop lied about her actions?  In the first video here, Travis County constable Richard McCain explained the incident, and the whole thing sounds reasonable:  The driver was speeding through a construction zone, and disobeyed the deputy’s orders when she got pulled over so, eventually, the cop zapped her with a taser.  But then you watch the second video of what really went down on that strip of Texas highway.  Suddenly, the claims of the driver “refusing to move” and getting “violent” seem ridiculous.  This driver barely makes it up to the cop’s chest, but he felt threatened by her?
He’s lucky she didn’t break some bones when she fell, and he’s even luckier that she didn’t suffer from a heart attack, especially when that’s where he fired twicethe left side of her chest.  This is not the reaction of most cops, but the point I’m trying to make here is that there are far more taserings on white people than is reported.  The media and the black community publicize blacks being tasered extensively, but in reality, it happens to whites as well.  One thing about this video that’s disturbing is when the old woman is on the ground, the cop yells for her to get on the ground even though she is already on the ground.  He tasers her again and yells for her to put her hands behind her back.  She then yells that she can’t.  He yells again for her to put her hands behind her back, and she then yells that she’s trying.  How the heck can this little old lady put her hands behind her back when she’s traumatized, on the ground, screaming in pain with two taser shots to her chest area?…
These are all horrible abuse of power tactics by these cops, yet there is no public outcry from any civil rights groups at all.  Seems it’s only a crime if it’s against blacks.  How sad and one-sided.  Granted, there are many instances where cops really abuse their power with blacks as well.  I just have a problem when there’s only a public outcry when it is a black.  Tasers are highly controversial, but they’re not as lethal as being stopped by a bullet.
On the other side of the coin, I’m really surprised that with all the crap these cops have to deal with on a daily basis such as escalated violence in all corners of our nation that there aren’t more instances like these.  Most cops keep our streets safe while dealing with budget cuts, meager salaries, their lives hanging in the balance every day.  Just ask yourself if you would put your life on the line every day as they do to uphold the law?  Would you let thugs get the upper hand without defending yourself?  I’m not condoning the actions here or the illegal actions against blacks.  All I’m saying is walk a mile in their shoes before you condemn them.  Just like there are good and bad whites, good and bad blacks, there are also good and bad cops.  There’s more violence today than ever, and I commend the officers who do all they can to uphold the law.  It’s a jungle out there, and most try to keep the peace among people who act like animals…


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