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Ever since our government took God out of our schools, denied us from reciting The Pledge of Allegiance or singing The National Anthem in school, look what has been happening in our schools.  Despite our government’s push to ban God even from their own walls, there are still a large number of Americans who believe that “Here In America, In God, We Still Trust”.

This is still going on.  On Wednesday, April 29, 2009, a federal judge ordered a St. Johns County elementary school to not have students rehearse a religious-themed song once scheduled for a year-end assembly.  The preliminary injunction against rehearsing country group, Diamond Rio’s “In God We Still Trust”, says the lyrics “take aim at one of our nation’s fundamental principles:  the separation of church and state.”  Oh, please!

It seems like our government is trying to take God’s place.  It’s a fact that, in America, more people believe in God than those who don’t, yet our government sides with the Atheists of America.  The way I see it, maybe we should separate ourselves from our government and our state because unlike them, In God, We Still Trust.  Here’s the beautiful song that is deliberately not being played on some radio stations and causing so much controversy, and people wonder why America is in such a mess…



In God, We Still Trust — Diamond Rio

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