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I’m sure that’s not the change he was campaigning about.  A new PEW report states that 39% of voters are now classified as Independents.  Since December, Democrats have dropped from 39% down to 33% and Republicans have dropped from 26% down to 22%, and are losing members which is their lowest level of support in 25 years.  The rise in Independents hasn’t been this high since 1992, when Ross Perot first ran for president as an Independent, so this increase can probably be attributed to the way Obama has “changed” our country.  Being an Independent myself, these people are now seeing what my husband and I have already known…you shouldn’t vote for someone just because he’s a member of your party.  You need to be more “Independent” in your thinking.  That’s just as ridiculous as a black person voting for Obama just because he’s black, which is what a lot of them did, and that is a fact.  Hmmm…How is that working out for them?

Conservatives are holding their own, while the ranks of Independents have skyrocketed since November’s presidential election, the latest Pew Research Center poll shows.  The poll of 3,013 adults from March 31 to April 21 found that there had been “no consistent movement away from conservatism, nor a shift toward liberalism” since the election.  Republican losses are slowing, the poll found, while Democrats have begun losing ground, too. Independent or unaffiliated voters are approaching record highs.

The implications for the president, Congress and the political parties in the next election could be quite the eye-opener.

These numbers clearly show that people from both sides of the fence are not happy with their government affiliation.  A lot of Republicans are probably changing to Independent status because as far as I can see, the Republican Party doesn’t have a backbone; they’re letting the Democrats crap all over them.  There is a bigger surge in the Democrats changing affiliation to Independent, probably because they’re not onboard with everything Obama, as the media would like you to believe.  These charts (in the link below) show that people, as a whole, are not liking what Obama has been doing to our country.  Forget what the mainstream media has been spewing over the news.  Most of them are in bed with Obama and will only cast him in a very positive light so you can’t trust a word they say.  Obama is damaging America and is leaving us wide open to terrorist attacks and further economic degradation.  Even people in his own party are jumping ship.  What does that tell you?Remember when Obama was first elected, you saw people crying their eyes out, praising him for his colorful words and hope for the future?  That’s all they were…words.  People from every ethnic background thought he was “the one” who would bring a positive change to our country.  Even news stories touted him as the only person who could help America get back on its feet again.  Now look at the state our country is in.  It’s worse than when Bush was in power.  In every single news conference (and there are a lot of them) that Obama holds, he has blamed Bush for everything that is wrong with our country.  His last news conference produced 28 unfounded jabs at Bush.  First of all, he was the one who boldly said that he didn’t want to dwell in the past, but wanted to forge ahead.  I guess it’s do as I say, not as I do, as far as he’s concerned.  I don’t know about you, but my husband and I are sick over what he and his corrupt administration is doing to this great country…

Here’s a lot of eye-opening statistics to think about:  Independents Take Center Stage In Obama Era.  The numbers speak for themselves…

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