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Clueless, Irresponsible Deval “Devil” Patrick
Howie Carr broke this story (his story follows) and it boggles the mind.  Deval (I call him Devil) Patrick, our clueless Democrat governor (and Obama wanna be) has repeatedly come under fire for his costly left-wing policies for spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to give welfare recipients free cars as an incentive to find work.  Hey, here’s an incentive for them.  Issue random drug tests as a precursor to receiving any benefits and see how many will be eligible for our hard earned money.  That would actually reduce the drug use that’s so rampant.  Devil Patrick’s latest brilliant idea has inevitably caused outrage among many of the state’s 6.5 million residents as well as legislators and some news outfits.  He has so far allocated $430,000 a year to operate the free wheels for welfare recipients program.   OMG!  I’m still paying on a 5-year car loan.  Where’s my bailout?  Talk about welfare recipients receiving a “free ride”.  This brings it to another level.  I can’t believe that this has been going on right under our noses, and nobody was talking about it, that is, until Howie Carr brought it front and center.  Will this anger enough people so that this is stopped?  We shall see.

The innovative program offers free cars, and all the expenses that come with them, to the state’s welfare recipients who are interested in getting to work.  Those who end back on welfare after unsuccessful employment stints—brief as they may be—get to keep the publicly financed vehicles.  The state spends about $6,000 a year per car to pay for insurance, inspection, excise tax, title, registration, repairs and even an AAA membership.  You have got to be kidding me.  Can you believe what welfare recipients get for nothing.  They get to keep a free car and all the amenities with it, on our tax dollars.  They even get car repairs paid for!  What is wrong with this picture???

Like many states across the nation, Massachusetts is experiencing a fiscal crisis.  Patrick wants to raise our income tax by 20 or 30% because of budget woes, yet he has magically found the money to fund this highly controversial deal.  One state legislator called it “mind-boggling” and another questioned the state’s priorities in the midst of unprecedented layoffs and pay cuts.

Since being elected governor in 2006, Patrick, a former Clinton Justice Department attorney in charge of civil rights, has implemented a series of changes that have outraged officials and residents statewide.  When Patrick first took office, he had people fuming when he “didn’t want Romney’s Crown Victoria and purchased a Cadillac instead.  Big surprise there.  He didn’t stop at that.  He then spent more than $10,000 on damask drapes for his State House office as part of a $27,387 makeover that also included a new desk, settee, and other furnishings paid for with taxpayer money.  These items were not necessary as all these items were in his office, but he didn’t want them.  He wanted his own stuff, but at our expense.

A few weeks after moving into the governor’s mansion, he eliminated a measure designed to curb illegal immigration by killing a policy that allowed state troopers to detain illegal aliens.  Patrick has publicly said that he believes illegal immigrants should get drivers licenses and discounted in-state tuition at public colleges.  Sounds like his partner in crime, Obama.

Patrick is also working to reverse a longtime state law that allows employers broad access to the criminal records of potential employees because it “discriminates against convicted felons and unfairly prevents them from landing jobs and leading productive lives”.  Convicted felons and welfare recipients have more rights than the rest of us.  If you break the law, you should be held accountable and should suffer the consequences, but not in Massachusetts.  Someone is lining Patrick’s pockets.  The governor is expected to announce his plan to ban employers’ access to the criminal records sometime this year.

Here we have a very arrogant, egotistical, opportunistic clown, and he’s our governor.  He may be going off to become a member of the Supreme Court.  One can only hope he does.  Although I’ll feel sorry for the Supreme Court, we’ll all party hardy in Massachusetts to finally be rid of this cackling fool who sounds like he just ingested a mouthful of helium every time he talks.  I say Up, Up and Away…



This is not your father’s welfare state

By Howie Carr  |   Thursday, May 7, 2009

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick
Photo by Angela Rowlings (File)

And here I always thought “Welfare Cadillac” was just a stupid novelty song from 1970.

Now it turns out Guy Drake’s tune is another state entitlement here in Massachusetts, compliments of the Department of Transitional Assistance, formerly known as welfare.

In Gov. Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts, if you’re on the dole, you may be eligible to get a free car. So much for the budget Armageddon they keep talking about at the State House.

Let the taxpayers worry about those billion-dollar deficits. If you’re on welfare, come on down!

Nice enough that the layabouts get a free car – plus the state picks up the tab for insurance, excise tax, title, registration, inspection, and approved repairs. The absolute frosting on the cake is a free AAA membership.

Please, try not to let this newest handout destroy your faith in the truth of the budget crisis. You’re just angry because you can’t afford AAA. But your average welfare leech needs guaranteed road service a lot more than you do.

Don’t you hate it when you’re fleeing a department store after utilizing the five-finger discount, and the store security and the mall cops are in hot pursuit, and you jump in your Coupe DeVille and it won’t start. Damn!

Of course the gimme girls and gals need Triple-A for their welfare Cadillacs. (And yes, I understand they’re not really Cadillacs. Only the governor gets a Caddy on the arm.) You can’t expect a body to walk to the packy for their nightly supply of forties, can you?

Supposedly, these free welfare cars will enable the non-taxpayer to get a job. If they lose the job, the state comes down hard on them -we the taxpayers will not reimburse the cost of insurance after the first six months. If the client quits work or is laid off during the first 12 months, all transportation benefits end, but the client will still keep the car.

But, but . . . what about the Triple-A? That’s an entitlement, you know. Has anybody got a phone number for the ACLU?

A lot of snotty people at the Boston Globe are going to be unemployed very shortly. Finally, a ray of hope for the bow-tied bumkissers. Maybe they, too, will be eligible for a welfare Cadillac.

Cut to the final stanzas of Guy Drake’s immortal tune. He’s singing about this new president and his whole new poverty plan.

“Why, he gonna send us poor folks money/They say we gonna get it out here in stacks./In fact my wife’s already shopping around/For her new Cadillac.”

Guy Drake – not just a country-music hack anymore. He was a prophet.



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