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I never heard of this woman until one day maybe 5 or 6 years ago while channel surfing, I clicked on PBS where Loretta LaRoche was doing a routine entitled, "The Joy of Stress".  Because it was about stress, I started to watch.  Well, I was hooked right from the start, laughing throughout the whole program.  She’s not vulgar like a lot of comedians are, and like George Carlin (God rest his soul), she takes everyday things and spins something funny out of it.  Every time I view one of her videos, I laugh so hard, I cry.  She is that funny!


I’m not saying that we should laugh all the time.  People would think we were crazy if we did that.  I’m saying that we need to balance the inevitable things that may and will go wrong in our lives.  I’m going through some really tough times as we all are, and some people are far worse off than others.  Although we may not be able to change some things in our lives, what we can change is the way we deal with them.  Have you ever been in the company of someone who always talks negatively?  I’m not talking about the people who are dealing with a crisis here and there, and want to talk it out.  I’m talking about a person who is an eternal pessimist where even if we’re in the middle of a rain storm, complains that the sun isn’t out.  I always say, "Hey, it’s better than an ice storm!"  Look at the faces of these pessimistic people and you will see that their facial expressions mimic their thoughts.  Who wants to age like that?  Certainly not me!  We are all faced with trials in our lives, but we can buffer them by not only concentrating on a solution to our problems, but our reaction to them as well.  We should embrace what we have rather than what we want.  That’s one of the keys to happiness.


Her routine reminded me of something I once did to infuse a little humor into a dull trip to the grocery store while visiting one of my sisters and her family.  I had a pair of those joke glasses…the ones that make your eyes look really weird.  Well, I put them on before going into the supermarket.  My sister was wheeling the shopping cart and my niece was in the seat of the carriage.  While we strolled down the aisles, the reactions I got from people were really funny, but I kept a straight face.  People from far away would just stare, not knowing whether to laugh or keep quiet.  Once they got up close and realized they were "joke" glasses and that my sister and niece were in hysterics, they were cracking up all over the place.  My sister had to walk away from me, she was laughing so hard.  My niece who was stuck in her seat, kicked her feet and laughed hysterically.  It ended up being a very enjoyable time for everyone.  You really have to laugh sometimes or your insides will decay.  Laughter causes an inner cleansing.  Forget about those cleanses that are on the market because they don’t fare as well in your body like a good laugh does.  It reduces your blood pressure, floods your body with endorphins (the feel-good hormone), causes your blood to flow more freely and there are no bad side effects.  Keep your body running efficiently with humor and you’ll never get old.


In keeping up with my "Friday Funnies", I wanted to share some of her routines with you and hope that it starts your weekend off with a good laugh because laughter is definitely one of the best remedies for stress.  Someone once said, "It’s not being absent from life that’s the problem, it’s being too present", so lighten up every once in awhile, enjoy life and laugh…




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