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I used to be an avid watcher of American Idol, but stopped watching because the voting system is so flawed.  One person can vote a zillion times for their favorite performer, even if they stink, and the more votes a person has, they get to stay in the competition.  So it’s about talent, yes, but it’s more about the popularity of a contestant.  The voting system should be one vote per person, like the voting process should be.  This makes the show too unbalanced, and I’m all about being balanced.
American Idol has brought to the forefront a lot of good talent even with the age restriction of 24 years old, but some…come on!  On the other hand, British Idol doesn’t put an age limit on their contestants.  After all, talent isn’t only apparent in the 18-24-year old age group.  Imagine the surprise of Simon Cowell when this 47-year old lady, Susan Boyle, came out on stage at Britains Got Talent, to sing, "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables.  You could see people in the audience rolling their eyes.  I actually felt sorry for her.  When this woman started to sing, however, jaws dropped throughout the audience, and mine did as well.  She brought forth such strong and beautiful vocals that she was applauded throughout her performance.  Take that, Britney Spears who has had to lip-sync her way to stardom!  Just goes to show that you certainly can’t judge a book by its cover.  With over 12 million hits under her microphone on YouTube (SUSAN BOYLE VIDEO HERE), I’d say she didn’t need one person voting for her a zillion times to come out an Idol winner.  Maybe American Idol could relax their rules and do away with the age restriction, then you’d really see a potpourri of good talent.
Even though they differ, if British Idol’s rules mirrored the rules of American Idol, our ears wouldn’t have been treated to this blessed voice.  That’s why I feel sorry for talented people in America over 25 years old who will never be considered as American Idol contestants.  I’m not offended, though.  All I have to do is put on my favorite music and I’m a one-woman show wherever I go…

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Where can I get a copy of Charlotte and Jonathon’s music? Amazing voice!!


On the website, Break, there was an Idol competition with a male-female duo, Charlotte and Jonathon. The accent is British, I think. What I would like to know is where I can buy a recording of these two? Also, what are their full names? Thanks for your help.

Sincerely yours,
Amy Bell


Amy, I’m so sorry to be getting back to you so late on this, but I’m back and in time to answer your question…

“Essex teenagers Jonathan Antoine, 17, and Charlotte Jaconelli, 16, are expected to release their first album through Syco Music on September 3rd.” That’s tomorrow, Amy! Here’s the story…



I realy think the rules should be the same.I do know some people whos voice would send shivers up your spine.because they are in there 30\’s and 40\’s,they do not qualify.that is a shame.


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