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UPDATED:  Wednesday, April 15, 2009 5:05 PM (My original post follows update)…

April 15: Protesters carrying signs and American flags participate in a tax day tea party rally at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Ill. (AP).

Here’s the latest on the Tax Day Tea Party…
… and yet another story…
Woo Hoo!!!  Go, America!  Go America!!!  Of course, the left wingnuts will protest these protests, but in the end, they’ll see what the rest of us sees…that we’ve got to stop the overindulgences of our government.  After all, as I’ve said before, they’re our servants, not our masters…
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The main reason why people are banding together, hosting all these "tea parties" today is in direct protest against the over-spending of the Democratic-controlled Congress.  It has nothing to do with some "right-wing extremist" groups trying to overtake the government as the government wants you to believe.  The Democrats were against Bush listening in on conversations, even though it had been going on for eons.  Now because people are against what our new government is doing, they are viciously attacking the very people who voted for them.  They’re against everything that does not conform to their own beliefs.  Isn’t that Socialism and Communism?  They’re firing back because now the tables are turned against them.  This is our right.  We have a right to free speech; although, if it were up to the Obama administration, we would not have that right.  Our days of free speech may now be numbered.  Maybe the very blog I started will be silenced along with others’ blogs that speak out against our government’s wrongdoings.
My previous post, "OBAMA SEES PAIN NOW, HOPE LATER", was nothing more than a roadblock in trying to dissuade people from those "tea parties" by stating that "hope is on the horizon…just wait it out" kind of rhetoric.  This will not buffer the peoples’ anger.  Even Homeland Security is viciously trying to attack conservatives by blaming them for all this hostility against the government’s overspending.  People are speaking for themselves, finally, and the government was not prepared for an outrage of this magnitude.  They all thought that the mighty Obama’s calming voice would dissuade such a revolt, but they are wrong!  Their only means of trying to downplay their true agenda is to blame someone, and since they can no longer blame Bush, the right wing is now their Target du Jour.  Apparently, you are now labeled as an "extremist" if you do not agree with the teachings of Obama and his posse.  Am I the only one who finds this deeply disturbing?  I fear that the Unites States of America is in grave danger of having to fight against some sort of fourth Reich.  That’s what I see on the horizon.  There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with authority for sometimes it’s warranted, as in this case.  Thomas Edison got it right with one of his infamous quotes… "Discontent is the first necessity of progress."  If we’re going to see any kind of progress (aka "Change") against the atrocities of our far left government, we must speak up!
This document (link below) is what Homeland Security is spreading around.  The online article is entitled, "Rightwing Extremism:  Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment".  They’re even saying that returning vets have the possibility of becoming "dangerous extremists."  Our government has the gall to call our vets "dangerous extremists", but God forbid should we call the spread of fear from terrorists by what it is…"terrorism".  According to our new government, terrorism has to be referred to as "man-made disasters".  God, help us!  Our military should be outraged at these accusations, and furthermore, this piece of crap that our government has published is putting America one step closer to Socialism.  After all, what’s Left is wrong, and what’s right is…well, Right…

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The carpet is finally bulging after decades of \’cutting corners\’. Overindulgence always has its comeuppance The smell of the B.S. has finally become too pungent to people & they are demanding it be \’cleaned up\’. Why did Gov get so smug to feel they can continue treating US citizens in this manner without there being consequences?


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