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UPDATED:  Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:34 PM (My original post follows my update)


Here we are a year later, and what I wrote then still rings true today.  What a joke this administration is.  I won’t be blogging about this partying radical this year as he partakes in yet another Sedar dinner in order to try and regain the trust of Jewish people in this "I’m really on your side" photo op.  If you want to read about Obama’s Sedar Dinner 2010, just read what I wrote here last year.  It’s Obama partying on our dime while the rest of the country is left to finance it…




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I understand that Obama is trying to reach out to everyone in his worldwide acceptance tour, but when is too much, "too much"?  In his quest to be the most revered guy in the universe, he is trying too hard to be an "everyman".  Obama is hosting a Sedar dinner at the White House to celebrate Passover and inviting aides, friends and their families to celebrate, and he isn’t even Jewish.  Remember when he held two celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day?  He seems to be concentrating more on lavish parties than concentrating on getting America back on its feet.  The money he’s spending is ours, not his, and you’d think this clueless wonder would stop and think about tightening up his party belt like we all have to.  These lavish celebrations are not crucial to the economy.  Hey, I’d like to throw a party here and there, too, but my finances remind me otherwise.  He seems to think that he can spend as much money as he wants at our expense and not have to answer to anyone.  Now Jewish leaders are upset that they weren’t invited to this "special dinner".  See how this just snowballs out of control?  In his quest to please some Jewish people, he is displeasing some Jewish leaders who feel that because they are who they are, they should have been invited.  It is true what they say…you can please some people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time.  If he put as much thought into running America responsibly as he does in trying to gain popularity points from everyone in the world, he’d probably be a good president.   He’s not, though, because his priorities are not in the right order…
April 9, 2009, 1:19 pm

Obama to Host Seder Dinner

By Jeff Zeleny

President Obama and his family, along with a collection of invited guests, will gather in the Old Family Dining Room at the White House on Thursday to celebrate the second night of Passover with a traditional Seder dinner.

Mr. Obama is not Jewish, but White House officials believe he is the first sitting president to host a Seder dinner. Last year, while campaigning in Pennsylvania, he attended an impromptu Passover dinner – in a basement ballroom of a hotel – to commemorate the Jewish exodus from Egypt after 400 years of slavery.

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the president and First Lady Michelle Obama will welcome a handful of friends, staff members and their families into the executive mansion of the White House. The Seder meal will feature a traditional menu of matzo, bitter herbs, a roasted egg and greens, along with the reading of the Haggadah, the religious text of Passover.

While the Obamas are hosting the dinner, it is being overseen by Eric Lesser, a special assistant to David Axelrod, who works as a senior adviser to the president. Mr. Lesser and a group of young campaign aides hosted the dinner last year in Harrisburg, Pa., and were pleasantly surprised when Mr. Obama joined them.

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama struggled to address skepticism and win over Jewish voters, particularly in the Democratic primary race with Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Seder dinner on Thursday evening underscores his pledge to be an ally to Jewish voters in the White House.

“By hosting the first presidential Seder in America’s history, President Barack Obama shows the personal and deep relationship he has with the Jewish community,” said Alexis C. Rice of the National Jewish Democratic Council. “There is no question, Obama is a true friend of the Jewish community.”

In a letter to mark the beginning of Passover on Wednesday, Mr. Obama wished Americans a “peaceful and relaxing holiday.” He called the story of the Jewish people’s ascent from slavery to freedom in Israel “among the most powerful stories of suffering and redemption in human history.”

“As part of a larger global community,” Mr. Obama wrote, “we all must work to ensure that our brothers and sisters of every race, religion, culture and nationality are free from bondage and repression, and are able to live in peace.”

The dinner, while hailed by Jewish groups, also created a bit of a stir.

The White House switchboard was flooded with calls of Jewish leaders seeking an invitation, aides said, which prompted a discussion of whether the Seder should be included on the president’s schedule at the risk of offending people who were not invited.

The back-and-forth was captured in an internal email exchange that was inadvertently released publicly with the president’s daily schedule.

“Can we remove the dinner at the end of the day?” one aide asked in an email, noting that the White House was getting calls from Jewish leaders about not being invited.

“Folks already know that it’s happening,” another aide replied. “They’ll wonder why it’s not listed if we don’t include it on there.”

So the dinner was listed on the schedule, but remains private and closed to the press.



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Hi godzillawarhouse.spaces.live.com for more information on their revolution


Yes, and it\’s a fact that a speaker is only as good as his speech writers. Given the fact that Obama bought his way into the White House by not accepting public funding as he first agreed to, he knew it was more prudent for him to have lots more money so he could afford to buy his supporters through ACORN, hire the best speech writers and purchase many teleprompters. Let\’s face it…the guy can\’t speak without these necessities.


The books were released during the Election buildup. They are written by biographers aimed at promoting the person. Obama is now in the Public Eye and his actions speak louder than any book. When a President is in office it is the Admin staff who control Agendas and devise \’speeches\’. The President then enacts the Agenda & speeches. PA teams play huge part in arranging the \’image\’ with TV appearances etc. What I\’d like to see is a 1 on 1 with no guidance from Admin/PA then you will see real Obama.


Whats the ulterior motive? The President is a symbol of our country. His tolerance should be a reflection of our own. Enough of your selfish greed he can handle more than one thing at a time. Just as he bowed for the Islamic leaders, he held a sedar. Obama is a special man. Go read his book than make your stupid judgments. It will sadly be decades before his true greatness will be properly recognized.


Hehe yeah that saying does apply to this \’publicity stunt\’. 1 of your earlier blogs about equality..thats exactly the \’bandwagon\’ they are riding! Whats the ulterior motive? Simply smacks of image and attempt at Obama being a president setting \’1sts\’ to sidetrack the failure to handle the economy. The \’puppetmasters\’ aim is to create Obamas run achieving issues that any other President would get abuse for handling. He is their answer to promoting racial & controversial items like the Transgender Bill.


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