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This is what happens when the massive greed of some takes over in a capitalist country–people get angry, and it’s happening everywhere.  Greed is more prevalent among those in higher offices.  The caveat, though, is that you must have a hefty sum in your bank account in order to run for public office.  This is why there is so much greed and dishonesty among politicians and executives.  I know there are some that are worse than others, but let’s face it, greed abounds in these areas once they get a taste of the good life.  One of my own quotes in a previous post is, "An honest man can never be bought.  That’s why there are so few in politics.”  If you were to put a stalwart in the White House who has medial funds and strong ethics, we’d have a corruption-free, smooth running government, and everyone would be happy.  Instead we are forced to elect from a bunch of rich power hungry politicians.  What the corrupt bank officials and corporate thieves did is just the tip of the iceberg.  Obama gave the corporate thieves billions to play with, not putting any stipulations in place, and they "laughed all the way to the bank"; the banks only did as they were told by the Democrats…”Grant loans to people who can’t afford them”.  Bill Clinton got the ball rolling by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 (put into place by FDR) with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999.  That was the start of the banking feeding frenzy.  The public outrage you see going on today is because of Clinton’s actions.  They can’t put the blame on Bush for this one.  I have many posts that attest this fact:  CLINTON ADMINISTRATION PLAYED MAJOR ROLE IN AIG MESS…

Turning a country to socialism will not help a country; it will only destroy it.  What needs to happen is give more power to the people of our countries with less government.  We’re seeing less power to the people and more power to a bigger government.  Do you think it will do any good to have the government run all facets of a country?  All you have to do is look at all government-run organizations and you’ll have your answer.  I’m far from rich, but if I want something bad enough, I work my butt off to get it while some people steal from others to covet what they want.  Even in a socialist country, I’m sure you have a lot of that going on as well.

Even though we are all equal, we are not equal in our goals, our needs or our lifestyles.  When people want something, they work hard for it.  This brings not only gratification, but a sense of accomplishment.  Capitalism works, and it has worked for many, many years.  It’s the greed from corporate thugs, politicians and government that is giving capitalism a bad wrap.  It is time for those swindlers who are robbing us of our livelihood to be held accountable.  The way the government is buying into every bank and corporation, I really believe they are doing this deliberately to pave the way for socialism under the premise of “We had to do it to help the economy”.  That’s a line that I’m not buying into.  Instead of us having to turn to socialism and be dependent on our government, how about the government living like the rest of us?  Get rid of their golden parachutes and let them free-fall like the rest of us.  Then you’d really see the "change" that all of us can believe in…


Protesters scuffle in London’s financial heart

A protester smashes one of the Royal Bank of Scotland windows as scuffles threatened to escalate.

Police and protesters skirmished around the Bank of England on Wednesday as world leaders gathered for the G-20 Summit.
LONDON, England (CNN)

— Scuffles broke out at the Bank of England Wednesday, as thousands of protesters, including anti-capitalists, anarchists, and environmental campaigners, gathered in the heart of London’s financial district a day before the G-20 summit.

Protesters broke several dark tinted windows of a Royal Bank of Scotland building and crawled inside.

Demonstrators also spray-painted the word "thieves" and the anarchist symbol on the side of the building. The ailing bank has been the target of much anger following reports that its former chief executive was given a multi-million dollar pension payout despite overseeing record losses

Eleven people were arrested for being in possession of police uniforms, a police spokesman told CNN. They had earlier been stopped while riding in an armored personnel carrier near Bishopsgate, close to the Bank of England. A total of 19 people were arrested, polcie said.

Protesters occasionally lunged forward against the police line, and one masked protester hit out at officers with a long black pole. One police officer was whisked to the side after apparently being hit. Police held their line and pushed protesters back with their hands.

"On the whole, it’s not been too bad," a police spokesman said when pressed about the nature of the protests.

As evening approached, police began to push protesters towards the bank — but it was not immediately clear if they were trying to clear the streets of keep demonstrators penned in.

Demonstration organizer Marina Pepper told CNN that she was disappointed with the policing. "They definitely came looking to cause trouble," she said.

Banners at the protest read "Arrest the War Criminals," "One Currency, One Country, One World," and "Capitalism Isn’t Working." One protester stood in the crowd and strummed a guitar.

CNN producer Simon Hooper reported a more festive atmosphere at the parallel protest by environmentalists outside the European Climate Exchange nearby, as protesters pitched tents for a "climate camp."

They danced to drumbeats and ate lunches on blankets as part of a peaceful, festive protest.

Earlier in the day, up to 500 protesters had gathered for the "Apocalypse March" close to Liverpool Street station, a major transport hub in central London.

Despite the relatively good natured atmosphere, many shops in the area boarded up their windows and doors as the protesters, chanting "power to the people," got nearer.

British comedian Russell Brand, who was at the scene, told CNN that "everyone seemed to be having a good time." Asked if we was there to help overthrow capitalism, he replied: "It’s not my decision, I’m just here observing."

Singer-songwriter and political activist Billy Bragg was also in the crowd outside the Bank of England — Britain’s central bank.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old student, taking part in a protest, wore a balaclava to hide his identity. He described himself as an environmental protester and said things were "going into meltdown." He added: "The whole thing is collapsing. If we can’t change things by democratic means then this is the way to go."

Tamsin Omond, 24, told CNN that she traveled to London to "show my dissent at the system." She added: "Today is about showing that the old system hasn’t worked. We need a new way of thinking about how we can solve the crisis."

Ian Dixon, from Whitby in northern England, lost his job in manufacturing at Christmas. He said he has not had any work since. He said: "Gordon Brown doesn’t realize how bad things are. Bankers have been rewarded for doing a bad job."

At the start of the day commuter trains were quieter than usual, with many workers heeding police advice to "dress down."

Many commuters seemed to carry on as usual despite the threat of the protests turning ugly. City worker Alan Rice, who was wearing a suit, told CNN: "Most people seem to be wearing dress down clothes but I’ve dressed for work like this for 40 years." He added: "I’m not overly concerned about the protests. I’ve got faith in the British system."

Mike Wiltshire, who works in insurance, described how his daughter had said "Daddy please don’t wear your tie today," before he left for work. But he added that he was wearing his suit "so police can distinguish him from the protesters."

Wednesday’s protest, organized by an umbrella group called "G-20 Meltdown," was to feature four separate "carnival parades," each led by giant "Horseman of the Apocalypse" puppets. A flyer for the event, carries the slogan "Storm the Banks!" and features images of French revolutionaries storming the Bastille in 1789 and a mannequin of a banker hanging from a noose.

"We’re going to reclaim the City, thrusting into the very belly of the beast: the Bank of England," the G-20 Meltdown Web site declared.

Organizers of the protest insisted their intentions are "theatrical," promising "mirth, merriment and the love in our hearts" and urging participants to "bring food to share, water, tea making facilities, something to sit on, a pop up tent if you plan to stay late."

But activists also published a map Tuesday with the details of scores of banks, financial companies, law firms and trading exchanges with offices in the City, prompting fears that symbols of capitalism could be targeted.

"It is believed that the majority of the protesters intend to conduct a peaceful demonstration," the police said in a statement. "Businesses should however, remain vigilant at all times and ensure that buildings are secure."

In the plush Mayfair neighborhood — a few miles west of the financial center demonstrations — protesters outside the U.S. Embassy were noisy but peaceful.



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Totally agree with what u say of past history just why hasn\’t it improved over years when every other area has advanced? This and mismanagement is what annoys people.


I read story after story about this and the economy in the Wall Street Journal today. It was disheartening to see page after page of anger and helplessness. What people keep forgetting is that our forefathers went through the same thing we are, and they didn\’t have the modern conveniences we have today. Oh, I could elaborate on this subject…


There are planned protests throughout the Summit \’tour\’ by Put People First. Expect to see more of the same in Europe. The guy who had the \’pension\’ has had his expensive car wrecked and his home graffittied with countless verbal abuse thats forced him 2 go into hiding. Recent payrises also caused uproar as high profile jobs like judges etc had just over 1.5% rise yet MPs got just over 2.5%!! This on top of an MP expenses outrage! The government are \’digging a hole\’ and abusing laws to aid themself.


"Greed is good."..Gordon Grecko. He was a man before his time


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