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Most of the people who voted for Obama cast their votes with the hope that he would bring a welcome “change” to Washington, but now they see he has created an economic drought, with our government “taxing the water”.


Today’s government is not holding our Constitution in as high regard as our forefathers did.  They have been dictating their left agenda which is in total contrast to what our founding fathers believed in…what America was built on.  Who made our government judge and jury over banks; corporations; and maybe soon, our livelihood?  They’re our servants, not our masters.  What I’m seeing is a government of the government, by the government, for the government.


The new administration is not finished with their spending spree.  Bernanke said it’s possible that Obama could go back to Congress for more money to clean up the banking sector.  Maybe we should clean up Congress and weed out the garden of corruption that has taken root there.  There is strength in numbers, and there are a lot more of us than there are in the government.  There are a lot of us who are not buying what Obama’s been selling, and it’s not because he’s black; it’s because he’s wrong.  Why are people so afraid to speak out against Obamanomics?  Maybe it’s because of the super imposed racist spin from the left that started when Obama tossed hit hat in the ring.  For some reason, we now live in a culture where if you speak out against a black person, you’re labeled a racist, yet if a black speaks out against a white person, it’s called freedom of speech.


Some Obama supporters have gone from Yay to Nay since he’s taken office.  There are hints of another tea party possibly on the horizon while others speak in whispers so as not to offend the black community.  I have included some relevant videso here, and saved the best for last.  If you ask me, the Obama movement is starting to become a bowel movement…




Obama Supporters Pre-Election:


Obama supporters post-election:

This video is really what America is all about, and if you value your American heritage, you will be uplifted by Bob Basso’s words as a modern-day Thomas Paine elaborating on the atrocities that have been bestowed upon us by our government.



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