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Finally!  People are now speaking out against what our government is doing to our country.  Everyone’s invited to a National TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party which takes place, appropriately enough, on tax day, April 15th…No doubt, it’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Teabag)…  Enter Bob Basso…
Who is Bob Basso?  You’ve probably seen his videos on YouTube.  I love this man, and I agree with everything he says!  Here are some interesting facts about him (video follows)…


Bob Basso is an American actor, writer, motivational speaker and entertainer whose outrageous antics working as a news and sports anchor in Hawaii included delivering the news while standing atop a pile of manure and reporting on the Hawaiian islands first nude beach while in the buff.1 In March of 2009, his portrayal of Common Sense writer Thomas Paine became a viral sensation on YouTube, receiving over three million hits.2

Fast Facts

  1. Full Name: Bob Basso
  2. Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York1
  3. Became a viral sensation in March of 2009 for two YouTube videos featuring him dressed up as Thomas Paine2
  4. Former news anchorman for an NBC affiliate in Hawaii1
  5. Motivational speaker2
  6. Creator of "Laughter therapy"1
  7. Basso was the main bad guy for five years on the television show Hawaii 5-01
  8. Phd in Communications1
  9. President of Light Management Systems3
  10. Has written 10 books1
  11. His book Don’t Let the Gerosofers Bite has been optioned to become a film
  12. Visiting communications professor at UCLA3
  13. Has appeared several times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman1
  14. Has received the "Most Colorful Speaker in America" award five times from the International Platform Association1
  15. Called America’s Number One Fun Motivator-Trainer by People Magazine3

Thomas Paine

Bob Basso became a viral sensation in March of 2009 when his two YouTube videos depicting the intellectual British pamphlet writer Thomas Paine garnered over three million viewers. The videos are in response to the banking bailouts, and feature Basso dressed as Common Sense writer Thomas Paine. He offers his political commentary via discussions on the stimulus package and calls for a second American Revolution.

Like Bob, don’t you think it’s about time for a second revolution?



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At buildup to G20 summit there has been peaceful London & European protests mainly aimed at the summits expense -£19m! Signs show \’Capitalism can\’t be reformed\’ in Vienna, \’We won\’t pay for your crisis\’ in Berlin and \’Capitalism is mistake\’ in Geneva. In Paris they dumped sand at doors of banks! The \’Put People First\’ is a week long protest with 35000 turnout at London, 15000 in Berlin, 6500 in Vienna and 200/250 in Paris/Geneva. Seems revolution is over the cost of summit amid earlier bank bailouts costs


True…Sometimes you have to take a step back to reevaluate a situation. Obama is taking on too much at a time, and in the process, nothing is being resolved.


If they ever \’revamp\’ society – and thats a big IF – then government system needs a strict monitoring board. Businesses need to STOP the \’millions\’ trend & get back to realistic values. Price tags for expenditure have gone ludricous. Why venture in2 high cost if its going 2 \’bite u in the ass\’ in future? Need a \’cap\’ on this to cater for John/Jane Doe to survive. The economy gone like a real life monopoly boardgame and it needs to deflate not inflate. May seem like going backwards but its what will save us.


Taking out the \’R\’ in revolution raises a good point. Sometimes you must have a revolution to evolve, Khrys. As far as the government is concerned, to their set of rules, you either evolve or dissolve. Some of us learn from the recessions, yet this is still a nation of excess. Some of us live within our means while some people out there live beyond their means. This is the year of humility; I\’ve said it many times in my posts. It sickens me how some people spend their money mindlessly. It may just be the wake up call that some people need. This is what happens when you let your ego rule your purse. The fat cats in Washington don\’t curb their spending, which is totally out of control now. We\’re told to tighten our belts, while our Democratic Congress (who have been the majority for the past 3 years) continues to carve notches in their belts to accommodate their massive consumption, feeding off of our hard-earned dollars. Then they turn around and tax us to pay for their wreckless spending. We have a government that\’s full of leeches, feeding on the blood, sweat and tears of the American people. It\’s a fact that the Democrats support big government, big spending and high taxes and we pay the bill. The government owns 80% of AIG so it\’s only fair that they can dictate how AIG runs its company. We own 100% of the government so they should be doing what we want, not what they want. As far as corruption and greed, I touched upon that in several posts, but I intend to elaborate on that in a future post. Stay tuned…


Hmm..that didn\’t make much sense! Take 2 :-Take the \’R\’ out of revolution. Political system & business world is going round in circles. We having repetitive recessions but instead of \’learning\’ from them its gotten worse! This isn\’t natural…in life we learn from our mistakes & continually evolve to improve our society. Why is it in economy we don\’t evolve?? Its the most vital area as it affects so much yet its our main stumbling block in our evolution. Corruption/greed is reason so stamp it out to evolve


Take the \’R\’ off Revolution and repetitive recessions they should revamp society. Systems just not working so, like scenarios in life, evolve to survive.


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