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We’re in a financial crisis, yet the Governor of Massachusetts, Obama buddy Deval Patrick, took along taxpayer-funded state troopers on his private Caribbean vacation recently.  Hmmm…Why didn’t he just bring flagmen.  Isn’t he the one who said construction sites should forego officers and should be replaced by flagmen to save taxpayer dollars.  I guess "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" is a universal Democratic mantra.
Obama campaigned for "change".  Looks like we got what most of you wanted…our way of life has, indeed, changed.  The continuous flow of money that Obama has been throwing to the corporate wind is proof of that.  Not only is Obama expanding government, he’s also expanding presidential power.
We have become a nation filled with uncertainty.  I have always been the type to see the glass as "half full", but reality has taken over.  Judging from the blogs and daily news stories I’ve read, and from listening to people tell their personal stories of how they now have to live, I’m growing concerned for the future of our country.  As strong and resourceful as America is, we are starting to grow weary from the financial burden we’re carrying courtesy of Obama.  It is the taxpayer who is shouldering the responsibilities of the corporate financial woes.  I can’t seem to shake the fact that when people steal millions, and sometimes billions, they are not pressured to pay any of the money back.  When the Boston Globe ran a story on September 17, 1999 about corruption at the Mass State Lottery headquarters, an audit of the Massachusetts Lottery has uncovered a troubling security breach that allowed employees to scan huge rolls of scratch tickets to find and steal the winning ones.  It was revealed that thousands of scratch tickets were missing, and it was impossible to know whether even more had been taken.  Of course, these employees were not required to pay the money back.  As a matter of fact, if you bilk people out of millions of dollars, you will not have to pay back the money, especially if you’re part of a big conglomerate.
Let’s look at Obama’s priorities, shall we?  He recently hosted not one, but two St. Patrick’s Day parties at the White House, and he’s not even Irish!  I wonder what AIG had to say about that.  He didn’t stop there.  Since he didn’t feel the need to address the current sinking of the economic crisis, he filled out his NCAA tournament bracket which was revealed on ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Web site.  As Garance Franke-Ruta of the Washington Post stated, "The economy is in shambles, American International Group’s CEO is being grilled on the Hill, and the president is heading to California — but on WhiteHouse.gov, the top story of the day is President Obama’s NCAA Tournament bracket."  Priorities, you know…
But wait, there’s more…
Obama is appearing on Jay Leno tonight.  Is it really appropriate to go on a comedy show considering things are so bleak in this country right now?  He is fast becoming an embarrassment and a disgrace to this country, especially to the White House…just like his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton.  The presidency is not a popularity contest.  Obama is on a never-ending entertainment campaign tour, not a political one.  Going on The Tonight Show and hamming it up with Jay Leno is a joke in itself, and Obama is proving to America that he’s fast becoming a joke himself…

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