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Here we go again, and again and again…


Why are we talking about racism again?  It’s because of the black community.  In this “new” story, during a performance at the Loews Regency on Park Avenue Thursday night, comic Jackie Mason referred to Obama as a "schwartza," which, depending on who you ask, is either a benign Yiddish word for "black" or a racial slur equivalent to the “N” word.  Mason is only half right because Obama is also half white.  Mason called people like Al Crapton and Jesse Jackass "professional racists”…something I’ve been saying all along in my blog.  I agree with him 100%!  I can’t stomach this "racist finger pointing" from blacks.  Yes, I said it.  They are black!  That’s not a racist comment—it’s an astute observation.  My God!  They are reacting as if being black is a bad thing, which it is not, although the more they call attention to it being "a bad thing" they are causing it to be so.  What I find troubling is that when reporting this story, the TMZ Staff said, "We’re told one person walked out fuming, "He’s more offensive to the Jews than Madoff tonight."  Are you kidding me?  There is no comparison to what Madoff "made off" with.  Comparing Madoff to Mason’s Yiddish comment is like comparing Hitler to Don Imus.

For crying out loud!  They need to get over themselves!  They wonder why people are becoming outraged.  It’s because we’re constantly being bullied from the blacks that every other word spoken is a racist comment…so much so that we need to open a Thesaurus every time we utter a word.  Whites don’t even use the “N” word, yet blacks use it all the time.  They speak derogatorily against other blacks, and this is OK because it’s coming from a black mouth.  I’m appalled by the way black comedians portray whites, but this is considered acceptable behavior.  It’s reverse discrimination at its worst.  Yet as far as the government is concerned, we cannot say that about affirmative action because it’s "unconstitutional".  In the United States, the terms "reverse discrimination" and "reverse racism" have been used in past discussions of racial quotas or gender quotas for collegiate admission to government-run educational institutions.  Such policies were held to be “unconstitutional” in the U.S., while non-quota race preferences are legal.  They have way more rights that we do, and they’re still complaining!

As I’ve said before, the only reason racism still exists in this country is because the blacks are keeping it alive.  Give it up!  Don’t blame everyone for your failures in this society.  Take a hard look in the mirror and change what you see if you don’t like it.  Stop using the race card as a crutch to get what you want.  Stop being angry at the world, swearing and blaming everyone around you for your shortcomings, and remember life is what you make it.  It’s a fact that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.  They need to learn this lesson.

Take a look at these videos (if you can stomach them) and then try to tell me that whites are the racists.  I’ve always seen it as the other way around.  I can’t stomach black comedians, but I’m posting these videos to prove my point, and these are the tame ones.  The first is Martin Lawrence on racism, and the second is Chris Rock on Black Slaves.  Slavery ended a long time ago, but like I’ve been saying, they are the ones who are keeping racism alive; they’re keeping themselves oppressed and angry.  Black comics incessantly using the “N” word and every other foul word they can think of and scream it to whoever has the stomach to listen to them.  Most of their audiences are black…big surprise there.  This type of behavior is not the way to lift blacks up to hope and prosperity; it’s what’s preventing them from it.  These are just two examples of how blacks talk about white people, but it’s perfectly acceptable behavior—because they’re black.  As I’ve said before, apparently, you can only be a racist if you are white…



Are black activists now going to strong-arm Crayola into changing the name of the black crayon to "Of Darkest Color"?  What about Black History Month (BHM)?  Oops!  We’d better change that to "Ebony History ‘Short’ Month" since a lot of blacks are arguing that they were "short changed" with BHM because February is the shortest month of the year.  On, no!  What about Black Friday?  We may have to change this to “Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Day”.  How insane is this getting?  They’re so bent on keeping themselves oppressed, it’s starting to become a self-fulfilling prophesy.  They don’t even realize that BHM shares the birth date of President Abraham Lincoln, a great Republican president who freed them from slavery!  He died for them and their cause, yet here they are still oppressing themselves.  Blacks have become their own worst enemy…



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Well said, Khrys!!! LOL I can see you, too, have a set of your own 😉


Wow now thats what I like to hear! Yeeeah saying it as u see it! About bloody time I saw a blog with a pair of balls 🙂 The catalyst to all this \’politically incorrectness\’ was the Human Rights Act. A prime example of a worthy cause being totally abused to suit their ends. Biggest fault with that Act was it aimed to end cultural inequality yet it failed to set its own boundary for misuse! Catch 22 springs to mind! Lets put it in2 perspective..a colour is a visual stimulant not an excuse for conflict!


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