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GE stock closed at 6.66 today.  Is this a sign of things to come?  When big conglomerates fail, what we need is divine intervention, not the government’s intervention, but the latter is probably what GE is getting.  Tim Carney, of The Examiner, has uncovered a secret GE Bailout packaged in Obama’s budget.  The bailout is labeled “climate revenues”, and it totals $646 billion over eight years.  Earlier this week, Immelt presented hints of the money in a letter to shareholders describing the Obama administration as a profitable “financier” and “key partner” in regards to General Electric’s health.  Immelt continued to assure shareholders in his letter that current events present an “opportunity of a lifetime,” because “capitalism will be ‘reset.’  The interaction between government and business will change forever.  In a reset economy, the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier and a key partner.”

If Obama really did extend a helping hand to GE, this has come on the heels of some recent GE Energy news:  GE Energy has signed a contract for nearly $1 billion to supply more than 30 Frame 7EA gas turbines for the Saudi Electricity Company’s (SEC) Riyadh Power Plant.  GE Energy’s 2008 revenue totaled $29.3 billion.  Since analysts are saying that several insiders purchased a total of $1.4 million worth of GE stock this week, "in what appears to be a collective effort to shore up confidence” in the conglomerate, maybe they received an insider tip that our government is bailing them out, giving them the "confidence" to invest heavily in the company.  If this is the case, it will be interesting to see if Immelt’s salary drops down to $500,000 like Obama is demanding of all CEOs that are helped with our money.

Whether GE is hurting as much as their stock is portraying or as little as Immelt is saying, the media will report what they want us to know.  GE also controls the MSNBC/NBC Universal media-entertainment group which may be the primary reason why these outlets have been in bed with Obama since he has surfaced, and will only report optimistic views and opinions on anything or anyone who is affiliated with them.  Birds of a feather really do flock together.  Gone are the days of adherence to journalistic ethics and standards; they have now fallen on the wayside.

In the "Good ‘Ol Boy Network", corruption has its rewards.  GE is another company that consistently rallies around Obama.  Is Obama now paying back that devotion?  We all know that you never get something for nothing. 

Obama is proposing a massive greenhouse gas tax in his 2010 federal budget plan.  This plan would require companies to buy permits from the government for greenhouse gas emissions above a certain cap.  Unfortunately, these same companies will be passing those fees onto us, hiking up our energy bills into the stratosphere, and as other companies pay through the nose for their production of CO2, GE is courting Obama to corroborate on their new venture, Greenhouse Gas Services.  Now you know why NBC and their affiliates go out of their way to protect Obama.  GE will make billions as a government partner in "the new economy" and will control the green energy sector (including the smart grid).  While the government is busy subsidizing them, GE will provide favorable coverage through Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the corrupt clowns at NBC.  GE sells capitalism out for a deal with the devil.  Here we see that green is not about saving the earth; it’s about the transitioning of power in the United States―the fusion of GE’s Energy interests and Obama’s Greenhouse Gas initiativea match made in hell…








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