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Obama’s a real piece of…work.  He’s leading us right into becoming a Socialist country, whether you want to believe it or not.  He should have let those companies fall instead of throwing them a lifeline.  When people are held responsible for their actions, they learn better judgment.  They learn that inappropriate behavior will have its consequences.  All too often, people are rewarded for doing nothing.  For some reason, this has become "The American Way".  Case in point:  People who don’t work or pay taxes are now going to be getting a handout from Obama—in the form of welfare.  When their incompetence is compensated, what do you think happens to people?  They learn that if they use poor judgment and fail, the government will bail them out!  This is why the request for handouts is so out of control.  It’s snowballing because Obama got the ball rolling once he took office.  Way to go, inexperienced and incompetent Obama!  He is saying that "he inherited an economic crisis".  News Flash, Obama.  It is you who is grossly contributing to our economic crisis by doubling it!  Please step down and let a Republican or Independent show you how to get the job done right.  You just might learn something.

With that said, America is resilient and will bounce back—we always do.  We have overcome many adversities and fought many foes along the way, and we have emerged a more confident and stronger nation because of it.  We have endured the pains from loss of lives during war, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of funds, but we have gained respect, humility, morals, honor and dignity in the process.  If these bailouts didn’t take place, then Wall Street, the auto magnates, banks and large corporations would have learned these vital qualities as well because you can’t buy them, you have to earn them, which is something they never had to do.  They will learn soon enough that you can’t put a big bandage on an over-inflated balloon—it will eventually burst, and the money will run out.  Because they weren’t held accountable for their bad judgment and poor management, they will continue to make bad moves, not learning anything.  They will ask Obama for more money because “it’s necessary to prevent a disaster”.  We know that all they’re doing is delaying the inevitable.  They should have taken their punches instead of the money.  Then, and only then, would they have gotten themselves out of the messes they put themselves in.  After all, if you’re constantly being thrown a life preserver, you will never learn to swim.  It’s called survival.  You know, like the way the rest of us have to live.  They would have survived because we have an amazing survival mechanism within ourselves, when we put it to use.  The world wouldn’t have come to an end like ObamaDoom-and-Gloom tried to sell us.  We need to count on ourselves because, God knows, we can’t count on Obama to lead us out of despair…he’s putting us there.

As I said many times before, Bill Clinton “got the ball rolling” on the sub-prime mortgage lending feeding frenzy in 1999, and this is the main reason why we are in these major crises.  Obama needs to learn from the mistakes of FDR during the Great Depression.  He always says he is like FDR, JFK and President Abraham Lincoln.  Actually, he is partially right.  He does have many faces, but they aren’t the faces of these past presidents, I can assure you.  Obama’s mindless interventions will have a catastrophic impact on our country.  Just watch it play out.  If they don’t start making some better decisions to fix our economy, I fear they will have a mutiny of the bounty on their hands.  People are fed up with their "government first" mentality, including yours truly.

A Democrat (Bill Clinton) got us into a big mess and now another Democrat is digging us deeper into another big mess.  Aren’t you sick and tired of cleaning up after Democrats?  That’s why I’m an Independent.  I like my independence, and the Democrats are trying to take that away from each and every one of us, yet nobody seems to see it.  Not only are we suffering from all the losses mentioned above, we are now suffering from a loss of hope.  Remember hope?  That’s what Obama said he would bring back.  Little did we know it would mean a loss of hope, not a gain in it.  Obama, I want to keep my money and my freedom…Why don’t you keep the "change"



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