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Joe Biden is the new cop on the block.  With this new "important" job that the mighty Obama has bestowed on Biden, maybe he’d better concentrate on keeping his eyes open and his mouth shut.  Obama’s not fooling anyone here.  He’s openly saying that he is appointing Joe Biden to oversee the stimulus spending because it’s an important job and "nobody messes with Joe", but in reality, it’s his way of getting Biden out of his way.  Biden looks like a complete imbicile here during his interview on CBS’ The Early Show, and is not making any sense here.  Judging from the way Biden has handled things in the past, I’d say Obama sent a fool on an errand.  Never mind the stimulus cop.  Biden would be a "shoe-in" for a position as a Keystone cop.  It would definitely be a better fit since his foot’s always in his mouth…
It’s now said that 80 percent of speech watchers approved of Obama’s plans for dealing with the economic crisis, compared to 63 percent prior to the speech.  Don’t these people know that Obama was only telling people what they wanted to hear?  All politicians do it and Obama is no different.  As fast as he said he’d cut spending, he talked about spending trillions more.  Who do you think is going to be paying for all that spending?  Honestly, people are so naive!

February 25, 2009 12:18 PM

Analysis: Obama’s Bounce, Biden’s Stumble

Posted by Daniel Farber
Vice President Joe Biden may have received a brief, icy stare from his boss after his appearance on The Early Show on CBS this morning (watch below).

While President Obama was basking in the warm reception for his speech (80 percent of speech watchers approved of President Obama’s plans for dealing with the economic crisis, compared to 63 percent prior to the speech) after his address to Congress, the vice president was telling a small business owner, Lisa Hendrickson, what she should do to get her questions answered regarding how the stimulus plan might help her.

"I recommend that woman call my office directly and I will be able to guide her as to what pieces of this package would be directly helpful to her," Biden told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

Taking direct calls from distraught small business owners is a nice gesture on national TV, but highly unrealistic. With about 25 million small businesses in the U.S., Biden could be backed up fielding calls to his office for the rest of his life. Instead of a knee-jerk political response – “call me” – it would be much more practical to send those concerned citizens to the recovery.gov Web site, where all the information about the recovery would be available for the public to "follow the money," as Biden stated on The Early Show.

However, when Rodriguez asked Biden for the Web site address, he couldn’t come up with it. He responded that he was embarrassed not to know the Web site address. "I should have it in front of me and I don’t," he admitted. Someone off camera finally gave him the Web address to share with the viewers.


President Obama put Biden in charge of the White House’s oversight taskforce on the distributing and tracking stimulus funds because, as the president said, “nobody messes with Joe.” You would think he would know how to access the Web site, which is at the center of the Obama administration’s effort to restore public trust with increased transparency and accountability. According to Peter Orszag, head of the Office of Management and Budget, the recovery.gov site is getting 3,000 hits, or accesses, per second.

Today, Biden gathered administration officials in the White House Roosevelt room to find out "exactly what each Cabinet member is doing, what resources available, how they will distribute those sources, how they will follow the money," as he said during The Early Show interview. At the meeting, Earl Devaney, who was recently named chairman of the new Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board, said he will ask each state to name a watchdog to oversee spending of stimulus package funds.

Biden, the entire Obama administration and Congress will be held accountable for making sure the funds are used to bring the economy back. “Follow the money,” a phrase that was made famous in “All the President’s Men,” is being adapted for a 21st century money trail that ends at recovery.gov. It remains to be seen whether Biden’s team will be able to effectively police the funds and if the content provided on the Web site will be as transparent and accurate as promised.


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