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They’re not the only ones who aren’t onboard with Obama and the Democrats about this stimulus helping our economy.  Even with states getting massive handouts, it is not addressing the cause of the crisis we’re now in.  Overspending in these states and in our own government got us into this mess.  Giving them more money to play with without investigating their past expenditures is totally irresponsible.  People aren’t being held accountable anymore if they fail.  In today’s world, there are no failures.  If you make more than $200,000 with sweat, determination and hard work, the government is going to tax you for achieving success and give it to deadbeats.  What enticed immigrants to come to America in the first place?  To make a better life for themselves and their families through hard work and determination.  Now, the successful are being punished.  Is this the America that our forefathers wanted?  Is this what we are fighting for?  Even in schools, they’re teaching kids that there are no losers.  Even kids who don’t perform well are getting rewarded for not achieving anything, to be fair and just to everyone.  This is wrong!  In the real world, there are winners and there are losers.  With the government rewarding the deadbeats and taxing the successful, we’re going to have a nation full of unsuccessful losers who want everything handed to them on a silver platter with a reward to follow.  My husband and I live quite frugally.  We don’t spend money frivolously and we live within our means, and it’s still tough.  In today’s economy, I see people spending money on the latest high-tech gadget because everyone else has them.  They go out for dinner a lot, go shopping for new clothes, yet they want a handout because they can’t seem to pay their mortgage, and they bought more house than they could afford.  Like millions of Americans, my husband and I are asking why should we pay so these idiotic screwups can indulge in their extravagant lifestyles without repercussions while we suffer?  We have lived within our means so why doesn’t the government tell them to do the same, and then practice what they preach by downsizing the government as well.
We now have bigger government; one reason is because a lot of people had to be hired to keep track of all the stimulus spending.  The corrupt are not held accountable which will lead to more corruption.  The mortgage money is going to five states:  Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada.  The irony of the situation is that although the entire country will be shouldering the burden of the bailout, the foreclosure assistance will largely focus on those five states.  It seems grossly unfair that by being responsible and diligent, we now have to pay for the irresponsible behavior of others.  It is intereresting to note that those same five states have a high percentage of illegal immigrants, and they are responsible for many of the foreclosures and will be compensated with bailouts as well.  This is the Fairness Doctrine of the Obama Administration.  Boosting the Obama team’s selective mortgage subsidies, Mark Zandi of Moody’s Economy.com recently told NBC, "either you can help your neighbor, and help them so they can stay in their home. Or don’t help them, and they’ll lose their home, and it will cost you money, because . . . your home will have just dropped in value."  Yet another scare tactic from the Democraps.  On the contrary, federal subsidies for over-indebted homeowners will not often involve helping "neighbors" but rather those who live thousands of miles away, mainly in just five states.  In reality, the "Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan" compels taxpayers in most states to help those in just a few.  Aside from Michigan’s unique dependence on autos, the other four states’ problems are already being solved the old-fashioned way:  If something becomes too expensive, cut the price, move or start living within your means like the rest of us have been doing…


GOP governors: Stimulus money may hurt in long run

(CNN) — Though they support some federal action to help their states recover from the recession, several Republican governors said Sunday they plan to turn down a portion of what’s offered in the stimulus bill that President Obama signed last week.

Gov. Haley Barbour said the stimulus bill would force Mississippi to raise taxes.

"If we were to take the unemployment reform package that they have, it would cause us to raise taxes on employment when the money runs out — and the money will run out in a couple of years," Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour told CNN’s "State of the Union" on Sunday.

The Republican governors of Idaho, Alaska, Texas, South Carolina and Louisiana expressed similar concerns. But one of their colleagues, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a message for them Sunday on ABC’s "This Week."

When asked about broader complaints from lawmakers such as South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford about the stimulus package leading to more debt, Schwarzenegger responded, "I am more than happy to take his money or [that of] any other governor in this country that doesn’t want to take this money. I take it because I think California needs it."

Schwarzenegger said he does not foresee a need for a tax hike in the future to sustain the unemployment provisions.

In a separate interview on CNN’s "State of the Union," Schwarzenegger said the complaints are "partially" right, but that using the money for now "cannot hurt." And another governor, Michigan Democrat Jennifer Granholm, told CNN, "We’ll take it."  Watch how stimulus package could affect your paycheck » 

Of course they’ll take it!  They’ll take whatever the government has to offer then will bleed us dry by raising our taxes which have been escalating at an alarming rate.  It’s a win-win situation for them, but a no-win situation for us taxpayers.  Now the rest of you are seeing just what a Democratic government is all about…big government, big taxes and big spending.  Most people voted for these clowns and now we’re all under the Big Top of Big Government.  Where do you think all this money is going to come from?  Us, of course.  Even China doesn’t want to give the U.S. anymore money because we’re spending it at an alarming rate.  Thank you for the mess, Democrat voters!


"South Carolina, I’ll take your money. Louisiana, we’ll take it," Granholm said in an interview recorded last week and broadcast Sunday on "State of the Union."

"We got plenty of work here, plenty of jobs that we would like to create here," Granholm added as she discussed the struggling auto industry and job losses in her state.

A leading Democrat, meanwhile, said he does see a potential problem.

"I’m not sure that we can, over the long run, cope with the high unemployment compensation standard that this mandates for states," Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, the head of the National Governor’s Association, told "Fox News Sunday."

"But I don’t care. My people are suffering," he added. "They need that extra money. And right now that’s paramount in my mind."

At issue is a portion of the unemployment assistance stipulated by the stimulus bill, which provides federal dollars to expand unemployment insurance in the states. In exchange for accepting that, states would have to expand the number of people who are given jobless benefits.

In Louisiana, for example, that portion of the funds would total nearly $100 million, state officials said. Gov. Bobby Jindal, a rising GOP star, has announced plans to turn it down.

"The $100 million we turned down was temporary federal dollars that would require us to change our unemployment laws," he told NBC’s "Meet the Press."

"That would have actually raised taxes on Louisiana businesses. We as a state would have been responsible for paying for those benefits after the federal money disappeared."

The law demands a "permanent" change to state law, Jindal said.

Jindal and the other governors do plan to accept other funds offered by the stimulus, including money to increase benefits for those who are receiving them. And even some governors who have expressed disappointment in the stimulus package are not shying away from any of the funding.

"I don’t like this bill, but it is now the law. … It’s now our responsibility and opportunity to try to implement it," Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told "Fox News Sunday."

Calling his state "a major net subsidizer of the federal government," he said, "We’re paying the bill either way — we’re going to take our share of the money."

In the end, some governors who would like to turn down a portion of the federal funding may not be able to. The law stipulates that state legislatures can overrule governors.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a Democrat, said Americans are making it clear to all governors that they should accept whatever help they can get.

"Everywhere across the country, certainly in Massachusetts … people want their roads repaired, they want their bridges repaired, they want a clean energy strategy … and real alternatives, and they want us to be candid with them about those needs," he told CNN’s "State of the Union."




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