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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges on Tuesday, including trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Obama.  Of course, Obama has long distanced himself from the governor who has been under investigation on other issues for months—just like he distances himself from everyone else who’s corrupt or controversial.  Blagojevich’s arrest was likely to be an embarrassment to Obama.  They are both senators from Illinois.  You can’t tell me Obama knew nothing about what Blagojevich was doing.  Yeah, like he didn’t know about Jeremiah Wright…right!  The case shines a light once again on old-style corruption in the Chicago political caldron from which Obama emerged.  Blagojevich allegedly was caught on court-authorized wiretaps during the last month.  Why is it that everyone around Obama suffers the consequences, but Obama gets a free pass each and every time?  Is it me or are there more stories surfacing about corrupt Democrats in the news lately?  Every time I turn around, more Democrats are facing corruption charges.  You don’t hear of this from the Republicans.  Hmmm…

There are no allegations against Obama in Illinois.  There are no allegations against Obama anywhere!  Of course not, he’s heavily shielded against anything that doesn’t cast a favorable light on him!  Even the latest case calling for Obama’s original birth certificate went out the window.  The Supreme Court has dismissed without comment a New Jersey suit seeking to block the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama over allegations he’s not a natural-born American.  The truth about these allegations along with every other controversial allegation will follow Obama to his grave.  As far as the Obamedia and Obamabots are concerned, he can do no wrong.  I will patiently wait for the real story about Obama to surface.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably be waiting a long time because most people can’t see past his fake facade, but they will…


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