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At the risk of acting a little cynical here, I can’t believe that Harvard would bestow an honorary degree to Teflon Ted.  Nothing bad sticks to this guy!  Ted Kennedy was thrown out of Harvard for cheating…he paid a friend to take the exam for him.  Of course, his father, Joe, bailed him out and he was able to return to Harvard.  It seems to me that the Democrats are so corrupt, but continue to get free passes from the media.  They did a lot of fluff pieces on Ted this week, but conveniently left out all the controversies that surrounds him.  If this was a Republican, there would not be any fluff reported, only the dark side.  Why is that?  I’m an Independent, but I see a trend that has only escalated.  The Republicans are blamed for everything wrong in this world.  Since this past election, I have not been able to believe anything that the media reports.  Journalism is not what it used to be.  Case in point:  On March 19, 1962, right after Teflon Ted announced that he was a candidate for the US Senate, the Boston Globe ran a story revealing a dark secret from Ted’s past—that he had been expelled from Harvard for cheating.  Robert Healy, political editor of the Globe, found the story.  When he tried to get a confirmation from the White House and asked that the records be opened, President Kennedy summoned him to the Oval Office.  The President and his aides kept pressing Healy to downplay the story, but he stood his ground.  Finally, they gave Healy access to the whole story.  On March 30, 1962, the Globe ran the story.  This forced Ted to issue a statement accepting full blame.  Wow!  Holding a Kennedy accountable for his actions!  What a great concept!  That’s when journalism was great journalism!  Nowadays, they are as corrupt as the politicians they cover. 
They’re in the tank for the Democrats, especially Obama, and as I said in a previous post, the media will continue to downplay all the bad that the Democrats do, blaming everything bad on the Republicans.  If there is any good news to report, they will give the credit to the Democrats.
Here is something that you will not see in the media news because to them, the Kennedys can do no wrong.  They are all a bunch of corrupt, overfed, overindulgent, overrated, pampered greed mongers who are all above the law.  The following are excerpts from "The Kennedy Men:  Three Generations of Sex, Scandal and Secrets" by Nellie Bly… 


Ted Gets Expelled from Harvard for Cheating (and Joins the Army)

– Ted managed to graduate from prep school (Milton Academy) in 1950 with only a C average.

– Ted was never a scholar, and his brother, Jack, once referred to him as "the gay illiterate".

– Despite his terrible grades, Ted (like brother, Robert) was admitted to Harvard as a "legacy", because his older brothers and father had graduated form there with such distinction.

– Yet even at Harvard, young Ted floundered.

In his sophomore year, he was expelled for cheating.  He had been failing Spanish and feared it would keep him off the varsity football team.

He paid a friend to take the exam for him.

– Ted’s friend, however, was recognized when he turned in the exam book.

– Both lads were expelled, but were advised that they could apply for readmission in a year if they demonstrated responsible citizenship.

– It was a shame and disgrace, but the family would manage to keep it a secret until Ted ran for the Senate.

– After his expulsion from Harvard, Ted returned to Hyannis Port where he would sit brooding, sometimes for hours.

– Finally, he enlisted in the Army.

– Not surprisingly, he did not bother to read the enlistment papers and signed up for four years instead of two.

– Ted’s father, the US Ambassador to England, was horrified at the thought of his youngest son spending four years in the service, with a good chance of being sent into combat in Korea.

– "Don’t you ever look at what you’re signing?" he shouted.

– With one phone call, Joe contacted a friend who managed to get ahold of Ted’s enlistment papers.

– Ted’s enlistment period was shortened to two years, a maneuver that was nearly impossible for the average enlistee.

– Furthermore, Ted would do his service in Europe, not Korea.

– Ted never rose above the rank of private, and was discharged in 1952.

– He returned to Harvard in the fall of 1953, as did his test-taking friend, and they graduated together.

– Once back at Harvard, Ted made the rugby team.

– During one match in 1954, Ted got into three fistfights with opposing players and was finally thrown out of the game.  According to referee Frederick Costick, Ted was the only player he had ever expelled from a game in thirty years of officiating.

– "Rugby is a character-building sport," Costick said. "Players learn how to conduct themselves on the field with the idea that they will learn how to conduct themselves in life.  When a player loses control of himself three times in a single afternoon, in my mind that is a sign that in a crisis, the man is not capable of thinking clearly and acting rationally.  Such a man will panic under pressure."

– Of course, years later, in the crisis at Chappaquiddick, Ted would do exactly that.

– In 1957, Ted entered the University of Virginia Law School.

– The warning signs of trouble would continue.

– While in law school, Ted would earn the nickname "Cadillac Eddie". He was cited four times for reckless driving (three times in 1958 and once in 1959). These violations included running red lights and driving with his lights off at 90 MPH in a suburban area.

– Ted was convicted of three violations and fined, but for some reason, his driver’s license was never revoked. [ for more details – click HERE ]

Ted’s First Senate Race

– In 1960, Jack Kennedy became President of the United States, and vacated his Massachusetts Senate seat.

– Joe Kennedy told the President: "You boys have what you want now and everyone else helped you work to get it.  Now it’s Ted’s turn."

– Joe still wanted to collect on all he had invested in getting Jack the seat in the Senate.  [ for more details – click HERE ]  "Look, I paid for it," Joe explained. "It belongs in the family."

– Ted would not be eligible to fill Jack’s vacant Senate seat until February 22, 1962, when he would turn thirty.

– Joe, therefore, persuaded the Massachusetts governor to name a Kennedy family friend to fill out Jack’s term, keeping the seat available for Ted.

– On March 19, 1962, Ted announced that he was a candidate for the US Senate.

– Almost immediately, the Boston Globe unearthed the dark secret in Ted’s past – that he had been expelled from Harvard for cheating.

– Robert L Healy, political editor of the Globe, found the story.  In order to get it into the paper, however, he had to get some confirmation.  He asked the White House to open up the Harvard record and was immediately summoned to the Oval Office.

– The President and his aides kept pressing Healy to play down the story, but he stood his ground.  "So finally, Jack gave me access to the whole thing," Healy said.

– On March 30, the Globe ran the story.  Ted immediately issued a statement accepting full blame:

"I made a mistake.  What I did was wrong.  I have regretted it ever since.  The unhappiness I caused my family and friends, even though eleven years ago, has been a bitter experience for me, but it has also been a valuable lesson.  That is the story."

– This was the first of what would become the three historic apologies of Ted’s career.

– The cheating story eventually died, and Ted was elected to the Senate.

– The admiring journalist, Joe McCarthy, had no illusions about young Ted.  "He isn’t very, very heavy mentally; nothing like his brothers.  In many ways, he’s a fathead, a little bit conceited, a little bit cocky, the kind of guy who’d never finish a sentence when you asked him a question.  He simply didn’t think things through as Jack and Bobby did."


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