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Well, Obama has officially unveiled Hillary Clinton as his new Secretary of State, while continuing to keep a veil of secrecy about himself.  Nobody cares that he still hasn’t shown an official birth certificate.  He is still surrounded by controversy, but because he’s the first mulatto president-elect, they throw him another pass.  Some people are probably going to hate me for saying this, but I don’t think Obama can stand on his own two feet.  He’s extremely inexperienced and he is doing everything in his power to convey the opposite.  His cabinet picks are "another Clinton administration", and are packed with a lot more controversy.  I’m sure he didn’t want Hillary as his Secretary of State.  It was leaked out and he had to go with it.  What a tragic pick.  Now Obama has another four years of the Clinton administration and the Hillary baggage, to-boot!  Hillary is a force to be reckoned with.  Somehow, I can’t see her taking orders from Obama.  I’m sure she will set things in motion according to her own agenda, and that is setting the stage for her 2012 run for president.  When I look at her and her philandering husband, I see a double of "whatever Clinton wants, Clinton gets".  Obama better watch her.
Obama has had so many press conferences, it’s hard to figure out who the current president is.  If I’m not mistaken, Bush is still in office until January 20, 2009.  Has anyone told that to Obama?  He’s had more press conferences in the past month than Bush has had in the past two years.  He’s so in-your-face these days that I’m already sick of seeing his likeness on magazine covers and in the news.  I’m going to be patient and wait until he’s in office for a few months and then we’ll see just what he’s made of.  He’s all fluff and nothing else.  People need to realize that he touted change from high upon Mount Obama, but I don’t think it’s going to be the change that people are expecting from him.  Many people think that as soon as he takes office, he will just have to raise a hand over America and all will be well.  Think, people!  He will never measure up to your expectations.  As far as change, Winston Churchill said it best:  "There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction."  I fear that Obama will not lead us in the right direction, but the left…
Oh, wait!  There’s an Obama sighting!  Obama can now be seen in his Superman suit, flying over the United States looking for a problem that only he can solve–even before Bush has had a chance to blink.  His Obamabots are on the ground pointing to where he is needed, and Obama will fly us all to prosperity…or so a lot of people think.  Now, doesn’t that sound really stupid.  We’ll see…

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