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We’re constantly hearing on the news of all the bad things that people do to one another, but this story will ease that a little…


I came across this story and it really renewed my faith in people.  Genuine acts of kindness, especially of this magnitude, should be spread in the hopes that others will go out of their way to help others as well.  With the shape our economy is in right now and the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring, there is so much animosity in this world.  With even one act of kindness to another whether it be to a friend, neighbor, or someone you don’t even know (as was the case in this story), we could rekindle that spark of hope that has dimmed somewhat.  We shouldn’t lose sight of the joy that comes from our heart, and to another’s heart, when an act of kindness is bestowed on another.


What goes around, comes around so Marilyn Mock will be enjoying a most wonderful life.  I’d say that Ms. Orr should “pay it forward” and do something nice for someone else.


What a great story this is…




Texas Samaritan buys woman her house at auction


Thursday, October 30th 2008, 1:10 AM


DALLAS – A woman distraught over losing her house showed up to watch it auctioned off, but that wasn’t the end of the story.  Tracy Orr will return home after a stranger bought the house back for her Saturday.


"It means so much to all of us," Orr said. "It’s not just a house."


Marilyn Mock said she decided on the spot to buy the house after striking up a conversation with a sobbing Orr at the auction Saturday. Mock was there to help her 27-year-old son bid on a house.


Mock successfully bid $30,000 for Orr’s house in Pottsboro, TX. Orr will make payments to her once the deal is finalized.


"She needed help. That was it," Mock said. "I just happened to be there, and anybody else would have done the same thing."


Orr bought the house for $80,000 in 2004, but lost her job a month after taking out the loan. She fell behind on her payments and lost the house this year – an increasingly common story across the nation.


"She didn’t even know if I had a job or was a nut case," Orr said in the Wednesday online edition of The Dallas Morning News. "She didn’t even see a picture of the house."






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