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I can remember when Obama was touting "CHANGE" from the top of Mount Obama.  "No Washington insiders!  John McCain will be another four years of Bush!  We need real CHANGE!"  Blah…blah…blah.  Those words are still ringing in my ears.  Seems Obama is bringing in more of the same himself.  Since he was elected as our next president, though, he has stocked his cabinet with what looks like the old Clinton cabinet:  Eric Holder as Atorney General, former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, and he’s likely to choose Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano (an arrow shot out to John McCain, no doubt) for the job of Secretary of Homeland Security.  Why couldn’t Obama reached across the aisle and appoint John McCain for a position in his cabinet like Secretary of Defense or Secretary of Veterans Affairs?  He would have been a great choice, but Obama is the puppet here and he’s choosing a lot of people from the old Clinton administration because he just can’t stand on his own two feet.  It’s a good thing he has those puppet strings.
Next we have Laura D’Andrea Tyson, the former chair of White House Council of Economic Advisers under…you guessed it, the Clinton administration, who remains in the running for the position of Secretary of Commerce.  All these people are products from the Clinton administration; this and a lot more.  This is definitely (I will use Hillary Clinton’s own words here when she was running against Obama) "CHANGE you can xerox".  Obama is appointing a lot of Washington insiders, something he said he wasn’t going to do.  This is a brief glimpse into what he will do once he’s in the White House–turn it black and blue.
Lawrence Summers, former treasury secretary and one-time Harvard University president is in the running for the Treasury Secretary.  Hmmm…That might not be a good choice.  Summers is an ardent proponent of free trade and globalization, and frequently takes positions on a number of politically-charged subjects.  This, along with his direct style of management, made him quite controversial as President of Harvard–something Obama can do without.  He’s got his own to deal with.
This just keeps getting better.  Now Obama is accusing the Clinton people of leaking his cabinet picks.  Is this what the new White House is going to have…lots of leaks?  Better call Joe the plumber!  I’m sure he can plug up those leaks.  Better yet, Obama, stand on your own two feet for once in your life instead of depending upon your race or influential people to light the way for you.  Stand up and be a man.  Stop putting all those "Clinton people" in your cabinet or you will find that your presidency will be "in the tank" sooner rather than later.  Obama can’t control the "Clinton people" now.  How is he going to control them once he’s put a lot of them in the White House?
God help us…

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