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Disgraced state Senator Dianne Wilkerson (Democrat), who was indicted yesterday on eight counts of attempted extortion, resigned today from her position as the State Senator from the Second Suffolk District in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in a handwritten letter.  She was pressured for quite some time to resign, but refused.  Before voting, the Senate also took into account Wilkerson’s past problems, including a conviction for federal income tax evasion and fundraising irregularities.  She’s a real piece of work, this idiot.  I have other choice words for her, but I don’t want to use them here, only in my mind.
Wilkerson was arrested last month on public corruption charges by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and is accused of pocketing $23,500 in bribe money in 2007.  Of course, she strongly denied the accusations.  Then she was photographed in a Beacon Hill restaurant by an undercover agent as she padded her bra with $1,000 in alleged bribe money.  Well, Wilkerson, looks like the money’s out of the bra now!  No more free rides.  No more race card rhetoric.  Good riddance to a complete idiot who took advantage of her position.  She was in this position for eight terms, and one has to wonder how many other bribes she stuffed in her bra in those 15 years.
Recently, she was crying because she couldn’t afford her attorney fees, and she wanted the taxpayers to pay.  Why don’t you just pull the money out of your panties?  Maybe you’ve got some cash in there as well.  I say, Boo Hoo, you corrupt idiot.  You made your bed and now you’re going to lie in it, probably for the next 20 years, if justice is rightly served.
Funny that Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts Governor, endorsed her.  This just goes to show that endoresements are meaningless.  I guess Wilkerson is not the only one with egg on their face now.  How she could throw away such a great job like that is beyond my comprehension.  She had it made! 

I know why it took so long to get her out of there.  She was crying racial prejudice for a long time so everyone had to tread lightly.  Why?  What is it with this racial crap from black people?  It seems the more they play the race card, the guiltier they are.  This is really getting old.  Wilkerson said the Senate voted to oust her "because she was black".  No, idiot, it’s because you’re a corrupt piece of slime.  No surprise that she sponsored the Racial Profiling Law, and swiftly used it to her advantage over and over again, until some smart FBI agent snapped her picture taking a bribe and stuffing it in her size 48F (for fraud) bra.  As they say…a picture is worth a thousand words, and it finally sealed her fate.
Here a black Democratic senator was bilking money at every turn and wasn’t reprimanded for it until that infamous FBI picture, then we have news on the other side of the coin (pun intended)…
Eileen Wilbur, a white, blind 74 year-old from Attleboro who has been in the same home since 1959, received a bill from the city Monday stating that if she didn’t pay an outstanding utility balance of one penny by December 10th, she will face penalties of up to $48, along with a lien on her property.  Are you kidding me???  One Penny???!!!

"They wasted taxpayer money on the letter," Wilbur said, noting the 42-cent charge for a stamp.

Had this been a black woman, she would have sued everyone in her path, screaming she was unjustly being targeted because of "racial profiling".

Only in America…

Wilkerson Resigns


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