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Those are the words from an unnamed congressman about the new Washington Visitors Center, slated to open on December 2, 2008.  It is disgraceful the way "In God We Trust" has slowly been taken away from all things American.  First we had prayer taken away from schools.  A lot of good that did us.  Look at what’s happening in schools now!  Then we had "In God We Trust" taken off of the front of coins and placed on the outside rim.  Then there’s talk of having those same words taken off our currency.  Ironically, the dollar started weakening.  There seems to be a trend here.  We’re a melting pot, but it comes at a high price.  Although the majority of Americans want to keep God in all things American, some people "are offended" by this.  America has prospered because God is the foundation on which America was built.  America is slowly being taken over by people demanding that they want their faiths, beliefs and cultures, and don’t want to embrace the American way of life.  Although 82% of people in the United States speak English, the government refuses to impose that English be the official language of America.  That’s the price you pay for opening your doors to anyone and everyone, I guess.
This is even more evident with the new Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, or as one unnamed congressman aptly called it, "The $600 Million godless pit."  Another interesting quote, by Democratic socialist and author of Animal Farm, George Orwell, is "Who controls the past, controls the future.  Who controls the present, controls the past."  Never did those words ring as true as they do today.  Congress is now slighting religion.  What’s noticeable is that they’ve left out all references to "God" and "Jesus" in this new building.  America will not be the same, and you can thank our government.  They even took the bible out of Abraham Lincoln’s hand and replaced it with the Second Inaugural.  How atrocious!
They spent $621 Million for this Center, more than double the $265 Million estimated cost had the center been completed on schedule in December of 2005.  Three years behind schedule and almost $360 million above budget, the underground Capitol Visitor Center is the largest single construction project in the Capitol’s two-century history in terms of size and expense.  Leave it to the Democrats to be the recipient of this historic "honor".  Spend, spend, spend…this is a classic case of the old "Do as I say, not as I do."  The Democrat-run Congress is sinking America faster than the iceberg sank the Titanic, but they get the lifejackets while we get the shaft.
Acting Architect of the Capitol, Stephen Ayers, at a news conference Monday, defended the center, saying it is "a treasure in itself", that would both enhance security and contribute to the experience of visiting the Capitol.  "I don’t think it’s extravagant," he said. "We have built a building that’s here to last another 215 years."
Well, Mr. Ayers, that building may be here in 215 years, but will America be here?  Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican voiced his dissatisfaction with the budget because he said the center’s exhibits ignored the nation’s religious heritage.  He’s right!  The Democrats are on a never-ending shopping spree, but it’s us that have to "tighten our belts."  Congressman J. Randy Forbes, a Republican from Virginia, and 107 other Members of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to the Architect of the Capitol’s Office protesting that the national motto, "In God We Trust" appears nowhere in the new visitors center. I haven’t seen anything suggesting he has addressed this issue, and it’s a big one.  Who made Mr. Ayers judge and jury to leave out such important parts of America?  My guess is, the Democrats.  What’s also surprising is the fact that when the FDR Memorial opened in 1997, there was no mention of "God", only "Faith", on any of the plaques, even though FDR was a deeply religious man.

It also should be noted that the Democrats (who control Congress) have not allowed any photos of the annual National Day of Prayer or the March for Life events; however, the Democrats have found space for an AIDS rally and an Earth Day celebration.  The Democrats chanted "change" throughout Obama’s campaign.  Now we all know what kind of a change they had in mind.  A change away from what made America great; a change away from the America we all know and love.

Watch "War On God In America" on this subject matter…


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