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Obama says he is bringing change with his administration.  All I see is him bringing in more Clinton baggage by reassembling the Clinton administration.  First he and Hillary were at odds with each other, now Obama may add Hillary as his new Secretary of State.  Better send out the SOS.  Hillary has stated in the past that she does not want to be part of his cabinet.  We’ll see.  This may be her chance to get close to her previous enemy, Obama.  You know what they say:  "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer".  It looks as if Obama will be trying to do the same thing.  Hillary is quite ruthless and this mission, if she chooses to accept it, will be for her own agenda, not Obama’s.  Either one of the Obama butt-kissers would have been a more obvious choice:  Bill Richardson or John Kerry.  They rallied for Obama from the start, and Bill and Hillary chose the 11th hour to rally for Obama.  Perhaps they were bullied by the other Democrats support him publicly.  That doesn’t seem to be part of the Clinton way.  They only do what they want to do.  Maybe Hillary won’t accept the position.  Wouldn’t it be to her advantage not to since an obvious run in 2012 is likely?  She knows his administration is going to tank and it will be to her advantage to decline and run in 2012 against him.  Frankly, I would be surprised if she accepts.  She doesn’t really have any foreign policy experience.
Obama is starting to show his true colors, and they aren’t red, white and blue, people.  They happen to be black and blue.  His cabinet is starting to look like the Clinton administration with 31 of 47 people from the Clinton era.  This is not the change that the American people believed in and voted for.  This clearly shows us that Omaba is severely inexperienced and needs the Clinton puppetmasters to help him lead the way.  There will be much Obama banter for the next four years, that’s for sure.

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