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First, Helen Jones-Kelley, an Obama supporter and Director of Family Services in Ohio, was suspended after a check of state computers and state e-mail found connections to political fundraising, which is not allowed on state property. She also used her position to dig up dirt on Joe.  She really should have been fired for what she did.
Enter Charles "Karel" Bouley of KGO, who yelled death threats to Joe Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) when he thought his microphone was off.  His station finally fired him for it.  This is not the first time he showed his offensive, classless side.  On June 5, 2004, he opened his weekend KGO radio program with a clip from "The Wizard of Oz" song, "Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead!" as a "tribute" to former President Ronald Reagan, who had passed away earlier that day.  He ranted for two hours about Reagan.  Bouley was severely reprimanded by KGO management for his remarks about Reagan.  He later apologized on the air for choosing to air his comments the same day as the former president’s death and later included an open letter of apology to Nancy Reagan in his book, "You Can’t Say That".  Sound familiar?  Obama recently apologized to Nancy Reagan for a gaffe as well.  What is it with these Democrats?  They have a habit of speaking out of line about all things that are not in line with their left way of thinking.  The way I see it, when people have big mouths and spew hatred like this, they’re really trying to make everyone around them look bad so they don’t look as bad as they really are.
I’m sure he’ll benefit from the negative press he’s receiving, as what usually happens.  He will go to some other radio station and continue to spew out his hate to anyone who will listen.  It’s nice to know that he was forced to shut his big fat mouth for a little while, though…



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