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Shortly after Barack Obama met with President Bush at the White House, details of their confidential conversation began leaking out to the press.  I’m sure President Bush was not too happy about it.  The Obama camp denies this accusation, but the facts say otherwise.  Perhaps the Obama camp should have taken lessons from the McCain camp…Nobody knew anything about John McCain’s VP pick until he was ready to reveal it.  Not even Palin’s children knew until the last minute.  That speaks volumes as to the integrity of the McCain camp and how they can keep their mouths shut.  Even during the election campaign, they could have said a lot more, but took the high road on several occasions.  Maybe that’s what hurt him in the long run.  Is this a revelation of what we can expect for the next four years from Obama?  Will he be leaking info to the press after important meetings once he’s in the White House?  An Obama senior advisor stated to the Drudge Report, "Senator Obama may not be familiar with the long-standing tradition of presidents holding their private conversations, private."  Is this a joke?  Whatever transpires between the president and the president-elect should be kept to themselves.  He’s right, though…Obama is not familiar with anything that has to do with the job he will soon be performing.  This shows how out of touch and inexperienced he is.  As a matter of fact, this also shows that he left his smarts on the campaign trail.  He was a good talker on the podium with a teleprompter, but slowly but surely, he is revealing himself as quite inexperienced with a lack of knowledge that a president should possess.  There will be many controversies sprouting up now that the election is over.  Even his radical associates are starting to come out of the woodwork, now that it’s safe to do so.
The leaks suggested that Obama had pressed Bush to extend an immediate helping hand to the auto industry.  Ford, GM and Chrysler are seeking another $25 billion in government-backed loans, and because they supported Obama, he is now pressured to "scratch their backs" in return.  You don’t hear Mercedes, Honda or Hyundai asking for federal money, and they are American plants!  Maybe what the government should do is look into why these three giants have such record losses.  How did they get to this point?  Doesn’t anyone want to know?  By bailing them out, it will not stop their downfall; it will only stall it.  This will condone the severe mismanagement and wasteful spending of their respective companies.  Barney Frank is using Nancy Pelosi’s magic wand to put a plan together ensuring that these three auto giants get their $25 Billion, although President Bush has not approved this.  In fact, Bush is not on board with them on this issue.  Is this second bailout for them fair?  You will soon see hundreds of other companies getting into the Democrat Bread Line for some bread for their own tables, and it will happen.
There has never been this much drama in an election before.  Obama may be more trouble than he’s worth.  He is inexperienced, and will need a horde of people around him to pull his strings in the right (or should I say, left) direction so he will be able to perform for the Democrats and all the companies who supported him.  All I can say is he better be worth all this drama.  All eyes will be on him now that the election is over, and if he doesn’t deliver, the media will either give him more free passes or they’ll expose him for who he really is…

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