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I can’t believe that the RNC clothing spree is still an issue along with the alleged accusations of an "anonymous" McCain camper.  Why the heck does Governor Palin have to continuously defend herself on petty issues like this?  I’m disappointed that John McCain didn’t come to her aid, being the "maverick" that he is.  If it wasn’t for her, his campaign would not have gained the momentum it did.  She brought real enthusiasm to his campaign.  I find it hard to believe that someone in the McCain camp spun these stories.  True or not, John McCain should have come forward and put a stop to this type of nonsense.  I still believe that he and Sarah Palin would have been a better pick for the White House.  I didn’t hear anything new during Obama’s press conference today.  That negative comment he made about Nancy Reagan was off-color and he knew it.  He later apologized to her for his insensitive joke, but the joke’s on him.  It actually wasn’t Nancy Reagan who was linked to conversations with the dead; it was Hillary Clinton who used to consult with a spiritual adviser who led her through imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt.  I told you…Obama is lost without his teleprompter.  He evaded the question of raising taxes.  Big surprise there.

The Democrats spend multimillions on their campaign, spent $2M+ on their victory party and they’re up in arms over $150,000 that the Republican Campaign gave to Palin?  She had no clothes with her and couldn’t go back to Alaska to retrieve them so the RNC purchased some for her so she could campaign.  Who knew it would turn out to be such a media debacle!  Those clothes are being donated and are not Palin’s–she didn’t buy them.  Why is there no clothing police zeroing in on the money Barack and Michelle spent on themselves and their kids?  Palin actually shops at a consignment shop in Alaska for her and her family:
How can the media and the Dems be so petty about this issue when there are far more serious issues out there, like the plummeting economy, close radical associations of Obama and his impending tax increases, among still unanswered questions.  These are very valid questions, but Obama is mum about these issues, carefully evading the tax hike question today.  I feel that the Dems created this diversion to get the attention away from Obama and all the baggage that surrounds him.  They’re slick, I have to give them that, but I for one can see it for what it is…a diversion, plain and simple.  Look at the diversion they created with Joe Wurzelbacher.  The media was all over it like bees to a hive.  Even Ohio DSS Director, Helen Jones-Kelley, a supporter of Obama, got in the act and tried as hard as she could to dig dirt up on the poor guy.
The Democrat-loving media and the Dems are still focused on "wardrobegate"  since they have nothing else negative to report on her.  Palin was found to be in excellent health, she was cleared of the troopergate scandal and the fact that she does, indeed, have more executive experience than McCain, Obama and Biden combined is something to boast about.  I’d say that’s quite a trifecta!  You can’t tell me for one minute that if it was Obama or Biden who had the most executive experience that they wouldn’t have capitalized on it during their campaigning!  They’re trying their best to discredit her, but her record speaks for itself.  Because of what the media did during this campaign, they will be forever tarnished because people will never be able to believe what they hear on the news anymore.  What a shame.  Let’s see if they remain the Obamedia once the fog clears, our taxes go up and they find that he he isn’t able to save the world like they expected him to.

I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Palin ran for president in 2012.  Because of the type of person she is, what she has accomplished and how she stood her ground with dignity and grace through the consistent mudslinging during this tough campaign, she would certainly get my vote!  She certainly would clean up Washington, and that’s exactly what they’re all afraid of…

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