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I have the utmost respect for teachers so it came as a surprise to me when I saw this video made by a Scandanavian company last spring.  My question is…why did it take so long for this video to surface.  As much as I dislike bringing race into this story, had this been a white teacher in a predominently white classroom, her head would have been on a platter a long time ago for spewing the things she did; even taking the Lord’s name in vain!  There would have been a national outcry headed by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton asking for her to be fired.  Diatha Harris teaches military children in a Fayetteville, NC school.  How dare she force her political agenda on them.  This type of Obama supporter taints the ethics of the majority of teachers who happen to have a very thankless, yet extremely important job.  Thankfully, not all teachers educate their students in this fashion.
Although free speech is encouraged in this country, a classroom full of impressionable students is not the forum to be exercising that right.  Any type of discrimination against the black population is not tolerated, and it shouldn’t be, but when a white person is attacked by people of color, it is accepted.  Never will you hear, "Well, she said that because the candidate was white."  Even the comedy writers are opting not to joke about Obama.  It has been an ongoing trend for late night talk show hosts and shows like Saturday Night Live and MadTV to lampoon all the presidential nominees both during and after elections.  Now they’re all saying things like, "Oh, he’s too cool", "He’s not fat, he’s handsome", "We have nothing to say bad about him"…blah…blah…blah…  This was actually said by someone who works for the BET Network.  Please!  Let me translate that for you:  What they’re really saying is, "We can’t venture out and talk bad about a black guy in any way, shape or form or we will be ridiculed for "racial insensitivities."  I am all for equality, for God made us all equal.  Any joking about Obama that would cast him in anything but a heavenly light, and the black population would immediately put a stop to it.  We are all proud that a black guy was elected as our next president.  It shows that America has chosen to leave racial prejudices behind us.  It has been said many times that Obama would not have been elected if white people did not vote for him.  This is something that the black population needs to remember.  This shows that America is not the racist country that was portrayed by many blacks and Democrats throughout the election.  One would hope that this beautiful historic event will be revered by all, and that the racial accusations by the black population and the Democrats will finally put that racial rhetoric to rest once and for all…
I’m happy that this was finally addressed by the superintendent…

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