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Will this be a trend for the Dems?…



Well, we know the bailout didn’t help Wall Street.  We are looking at the largest 2-day point drop in history.  Yes, this is the election where history is consistently being made, but will it come at a cost to the American people?  Now that we will have an Obama administration, people are worried about his impending capital gains tax.  If the economy has any chance of recovering, he will have to put this on the back burner.  The questions is, will he?  If he does, Wall Street will start seeing escalating numbers, and our economy will be on the upswing.


Now we have Pelosi waving her magic wand with her $60-100 Billion stimulus package.  We had to borrow a good percentage of the bailout money that did nothing.  Where will she get this money from?  My money’s on "us" (what I have left of it).  Even Obama supporter, Whoopi Goldberg finally got it right when she said, “Whenever Democrats get in” to public office, “taxes do go up.”  Yes, they do!  I would rather forego this stimulus package because this will not boost the economy.  Rather, it will boost the economy of other countries because a lot of people will send this money home to places other than in the USA and we will have to shoulder yet another $60-100 Billion more in debt.  We will be paying for this down the road, believe me!


I wonder what will happen to the absentee ballots?  The fraudulent votes?  I have a funny feeling that we’ll see something surface either on November 11th or 12th.  November 11th is a significant number to me–most notibly, it is the day we set aside to honor the veterans of our great nation.  There’s another, less notable significance to me.  I have been seeing the number "1111" everywhere.  For me, every time I see these numbers on a constant basis, it has always spelled some kind of "change".  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.  The last time I ran into these numbers on a regular basis, what I thought was a good change, turned out to be a nightmare, so let’s see what this 11/11 brings.  I’m hoping for a positive change this time around.


On another note, Obama just picked his Chief of Staff–Rahm Emanuel.  He has quite the checkered past.  I don’t think I’d call him a radical, but rather I would call him a guy with an "after me, you come first" mentality.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is "rumored" to head the Environmental Protection Agency in the Obama administration.  To quote Joe Biden…"Is this a joke?"  How ironic would that choice be?  Hmmm…Seems I can recall three years ago when he was a fierce opponent to the proposal for a 130-turbine wind-power project in Horseshoe Shoal, south of Cape Cod.   He claims that the wind farm would "mar a precious seascape, privatize a publicly owned commons and damage the local economy".  One only needs to read between the lines here.  I’m thinking it’s because he didn’t want to "mar the precious seascape in front of the huge Kennedy compound".  I guess because they’re Kennedys, it’s OK to "mar" our portion of the world, but God forbid you "mar" the Kennedy’s world?  This is one major reason why I don’t bow my head to a Kennedy.  They are all above the laws that the rest of us have to abide by.


Then we have the continuing Joe Lieberman saga.  Will he be punished by the Dems by being kicked out of his chairmanship simply because he dared to support McCain in this election?  It will be very interesting how this ends up because I can still hear Obama’s words…"Let us resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long."  As far as I can see, this is not the Divided States of America; it is the United States of America.  Hmmm…words to live by, Democrats.  Let’s see if these are just words to you or if will stand by them.  Time will tell…


Will his choices be embraced by all?  We shall see…







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