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Was this a Freudian slip?  Seems he wasn’t reading from a teleprompter this time.  George shouldn’t have corrected him; he should have just let him go on…
George Stephanopoulos interviews Obama…
People are upset because America is tanking.  Little do they realize that the Democrats have been a majority in both the House and Senate for the past two years.  That’s when this great nation really started tanking.  I’m wondering if people even realize that the "enormous crowds" that the media says are attracted by Obama even realize that this is all a sham.  Maybe people flock to his speeches because he always has celebrities in tow.  Maybe that’s who people are really flocking to see.  It’s too bad that this country puts self-centered celebrities on pedestals.  No wonder they’re so arrogant!
Obama gives speeches during concerts or some other already planned event.  Do the Democrats really think that people are that stupid to fall for their antics.  I, for one, am not!  Here are a few examples that I know of.  There could be many more:

Obama introduces Biden in Springfield, IL and the media reports an enormous crowd:


They forgot to mention that there was a free blues festival and BBQ already planned–same time, same day!
Obama’s "Better Late Than Never" field trip overseas:
The media claims that a crowd of 85,000 gathered to hear Obama speak in Germany…
The large crowd was actually there for a free concert to see a local band, Decemberists.
Do you think I’m exaggerating?  Well, how about the news, and I remember this, where Obama draws a crowd "the size of a city" to his rally in Portland, OR.
Look at this report.  The large crowd was actually there for…you guessed it…a free concert.  No wonder he gets crowds "worthy of a rock star".  That’s what the crowds are there for, not him.  Someone should knock that idiot off of his imitation Greek-columned pedestal.  Just think..if the Democrats have to resort to these sneaky tactics to get Obama out there, we’re in serious trouble.  I just hope that the youth of America sees through these facades.  People are believing the media and thinking that Obama is gathering all these crowds so he must be "the one", as many people put it.  Why don’t people just educate themselves!
The Internet is an amazing directory of information if only people would check on things…

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